Daniel Libeskind presents “Musical Labyrinth” an installation for Frankfurt at the Cosentino City in New York

The renowned American architect Daniel Libeskind unveiled his upcoming project yesterday at a press conference at the Cosentino City showroom in Manhattan. The “Musical Labyrinth” installation, his latest collaboration with Cosentino, will be presented in Frankfurt, Germany on May 9th as part of the One Day in Life initiative.

At the event, Libeskind explained the details of this installation to various media representatives from the architecture and design community of New York. His installations will be visible (and interactive) to all visitors at Germany’s Frankfurt Opera Square. Libeskind described his project as a “work of public art,” allowing visitors to interact and walk through this installation. 

The more than 3,000 sq. ft. piece is a black landscape etched with his original concept sketch for the One Day in Life project. The platform is constructed out of 80 custom Dekton Sirius slabs etched in white relief. Cosentino’s ultra-compact surface Dekton®, which, in addition to its outstanding physical performance and strength, can also be customized using techniques such as etching. The lines of the illustration resemble an imaginary labyrinth within the city which indicate points that correlate to the addresses of the 18 music venues. Each of the 18 locations are a metaphor for the 18 basic conditions of life. 

In relation to the One Day in Life project, Libeskind stated that “Every city creates its own structure through dreams. The streets we walk on and the topographies we experience exist simultaneously in reality and mystery.

Also in attendance from Cosentino were Santiago Alfonso, Director of Marketing and Communications, and Eduardo Martínez-Cosentino Alfonso, the Group’s Sales Director and CEO of Cosentino North America.

“We are delighted to work once again with Daniel Libeskind and to sponsor this initiative which will be totally innovative,” said Eduardo. “At Cosentino we are committed to innovation, as is seen through the creation of Dekton. For us it is a natural partnership to work with Daniel on his unique and inspiring projects such as this installation, as well as with the One Day in Life series of performances.”

This is the fourth collaboration between Cosentino and Studio Libeskind. Prior projects include: Beyond the Wall, an installation that was first presented in Silestone natural quartz during Milan Design Week and is now permanently installed featuring Dekton at Cosentino’s global headquarters in Almeria, Spain; and the sculpture Sonnets in Babylon, created for the Venice Architecture Biennale.

One Day in Life is a 24-hour musical experience with more than 75 consecutive concert events held in unexpected venues. The concert series will feature nearly 200 musicians from May 21 to May 22. This unique cultural event is presented by Libeskind and the Alte Oper concert hall and is sponsored by Cosentino. Libeskind has curated the progressive event to explore various dimensions of human existence by juxtaposing music and urban spaces.

For more information on One Day in Life visit www.onedayinlife.org

Please click here to download the press release.

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