Dekton XGloss shines at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Madrid

  • Cosentino’s Dekton ultra-compact surface and its five newest colors in the XGloss series came together last Saturday at the 2016 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Madrid to create a spectacular catwalk for the Barcelona firm Ailanto to show its collection for this coming Fall/Winter.
  • The design, measuring more than 1,000 sq.ft. was created from a mosaic of pieces in colors Halo, Splendor, Lumina, Blaze and Spectra. The result was a unique catwalk that displayed all the extraordinary properties and performance of Dekton XGloss. 

 Cosentino Group once again took part in the world of fashion and haute couture. This time, Cosentino displayed its latest Dekton® XGloss collection of ultra-compact surfaces. The five colors of this new series created a spectacular catwalk last Saturday at the 2016 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Madrid (MBFWM16) for the Barcelona firm Ailanto to show its upcoming Fall/Winter collections.

Followers and spectators of MBFWM16 witnessed the perfect combination of the elegance, color and subtlety of Ailanto’s collection together with the dazzling brilliance and radiance of the Dekton XGloss series.

Ailanto’s designer, Aitor Muñoz, talked about this collaboration, “We chose Dekton for our catwalk because we wanted to show our collection on a material that offered spectacular performance and aesthetics. Our idea was to have a geometric pattern that was in line with our collection, and this was interpreted to perfection by Cosentino’s technical team. The image of the models walking down the catwalk was amazing. The impression was of sophistication and timeless elegance.”

The Dekton Solid XGloss collection, is the latest example of Cosentino’s ongoing ability to innovate. The company’s R&D department spent almost two years developing a “Nanocoating Process,” a special treatment for Dekton based on nanotechnology. This allowed glossiness, radiance, bright solid colors and high levels of durability to come together to create a perfect material that offers enormous creative possibilities for architects, designers and even a catwalk for one of Spain’s most prestigious fashion brands.

Ailanto is a classic; their ideas are among the most followed and valued in the world of design in Spain. Originally from Bilbao, but now based in Barcelona, brothers Iñaki and Aitor Muñoz begin the firm in 1955. They are now famous for their color combinations, geometric shapes and references to avant-garde movements. Since 1999, Ailanto’s prêt-à-porter collections have been sold internationally. His new lines have been presented at the Pasarela Cibeles and the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Madrid since 2001.

For this latest edition of MBFWM, Ailanto presented their 2016-2017 Fall/Winter collection inspired by paintings from one of the most famous Canadian artists of the 20th Century, Lawren Harris (1885-1970). Harris’ forest, mountain, sky and lake landscapes are framed as if viewed through the window of a train. Ailanto transfers these works of art to fabric until they become detailed botanical close-ups, almost to the point of geometrical abstraction.

Thanks to this new partnership, Cosentino continues to strengthen its link to the world of fashion.

Santiago Alfonso, Cosentino’s Director of Marketing and Communications explained, “It gives us great pride to take part in this Fashion Week in Madrid and to collaborate on this occasion with Ailanto. I believe that our worlds and the way we approach the sphere of creativity and design are very similar. This was clear this past Saturday by the combination of two collections; one of clothes and the other of decorative materials, both of which were in perfect harmony.”


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