Introducing Lusso by Courtney Cachet

The Influencer Series is a collection of five stunning and distinct prototype hues that reflect regional design trends and inspiration from each of our Trendspotters. Below is insight from Courtney Cachet on her contribution. What were the key drivers/inspiration that brought you to your color? My entire aesthetic is based on taking classic looks and adding details that […]

Tech Trends with Courtney Cachet

Trendspotter Courtney Cachet has great insights for what materials to use for your counters, but she’s also not shy about letting you know what to put on them. She visited Gerri Willis on The Willis Report to discuss tech for the home, specifically kitchen gadgets. Pick up a few tips to kick your next event into high […]

Trendspotters in Spain: Courtney Cachet

Courtney Cachet traveled to Spain as part of the Silestone Trendspotters, bringing New York City style with her. Pulling inspiration from travel and people is where Courtney excels. Read her thoughts on the trip. “Recently, I spent a week in Spain as one of the five Silestone Tredspotters for Cosentino…and oh, what a week it […]

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