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The Best Contemporary Architecture in Amsterdam, Now in C-guide

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Thanks to the collaboration between the Foundation for Contemporary Architecture and Cosentino, you can now explore the best architecture projects developed in Amsterdam from 1979 at, along with those from London, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Paris and Sydney.

Despite the current travel limitations, the C-Guide App has been designed for direct visits to the buildings across the globe. It highlights the educational value of experiencing the architectural spaces first-hand. Since the new C-guide’s launch in late 2019, 6 cities have now been included in this global guide to contemporary architecture. The guide is 100% free and is currently available in Spanish and English.

It was created with the aim of providing citizens with a powerful and complete tool for understanding and recognizing high-quality contemporary architecture around the world.

NHow Amsterdam RAI Hotel_OMA_©Laurian Ghinitoiu

Amsterdam, more than 200 projects

As a result of Amsterdam’s inclusion in the guide, it now has over 200 outstanding projects, which are located in a key context for understanding the recent restructuring process of industrial cities through urban plans such as those of Borneo (West 8), REM Island (Concrete) or NDSM Loods Cultural Space (Dynamo architect).


Collective housing has also played an important role in the selection, including over 60 examples, such as the renowned Silodam and Wozoco, by MVRDV. In addition to them and other major international companies –OMA, Renzo Piano, Cruz y Ortiz, Foster and Partners or Mecanoo, amongst others–, the Foundation has also included leading architecture firms, such as Concrete, Space&Matter, Karres en Brands or NL Architects.

Rijksmuseum Renovation_Cruz y Ortiz

This new city’s addition to the guide implied the adaptation of the platform to its specific characteristics, incorporating new labels that can also be recommended by the users:

The Foundation for Contemporary Architecture’s Activity Coordinator, Carlos AnayaIn fact, incorporating Amsterdam into the guide has also led to the addition of labels to facilitate classification and quick search for projects, such as ‘on water, ‘terraced houses’, ‘XXL’, ‘cooperatives’, ‘for bikes’ or ‘modern heritage restored’. These labels do not only help to convey a precise idea of the way architecture is carried out in this city, but also to show new paradigms of architecture that we, as a society, cannot avoid”.

The C-guide Content Manager, Jorge Martín, highlights the interesting cooperative projects associated with the new types of collective housing in the city of Amsterdam and says: “the restructuring process of the city’s old port docks continues to represent an endless source of formal and identifying references for the contemporary architecture of Amsterdam”.

Santiago Alfonso, Vice-President of Marketing and Communication of Cosentino Group, “Amsterdam represents a step further in the development and success of this tool, designed not only for architecture professionals but also for those who enjoy and learn from the cities through their architectural and building approach, contrasting their own views with the assessments and recommendations of an extensive group of experts. Precisely Amsterdam will host a new Cosentino City, whose opening is planned in the coming months. C-Guide will continue to expand soon with new destinations such as Dubai, Chicago, Stockholm and Montreal because it aims to bring the architecture of the world’s great cities closer to general knowledge.”.

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