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Marc Thee’s Orlando Showhouse features Dekton and Silestone

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“People call it a showhouse, people call it an idea house, but for me it started very personal,” said Marc Thee, the Orlando- based interior designer who opened his residence to the public on November 7 and will be offering showings for a full year.

Thee used his 30 years of experience to create a one-of-a-kind design with details and products that represented a simplistic, easygoing lifestyle. With these products and details integrated in the space, Thee created a home with his overall aesthetic in mind: clean yet comfortable and calming design.

Dekton and Silestone were chosen for this space as Thee searched for products that “were easy to take care of, magnificent to live with and helped to make your life as easy and carefree as possible.”

Explaining his choice to use Cosentino products throughout the space, Thee stated, “The variety of options is far more unique than the competitors, and the monolithic applications are spectacular. The seaming after installation is practically invisible.”

In the master bedroom and bathroom, Silestone Eternal Marquina Suede was chosen for the accent walls. “Silestone is very dramatic,” remarked Thee. “It was a great option for this space because it can be used in a vertical slab application and is appropriate for wet environments, including the shower inside the bath.”

“One of the biggest pleasures for me was realizing the exterior qualities that Dekton has,” said Thee, who specified resilient and beautiful Dekton Kelya from the Natural Collection to the façade of the house as well as the fireplace in the living room.

“Dekton is effective in contrasting with lighter materials while still achieving a softness in the overall aesthetic,” explains Thee. “There is a natural quality to this material.”

Describing Dekton as “the most amazing outdoor material,” Thee used Dekton outdoors to create an oasis in the backyard to “escape at the end of the day.”

For the tables surrounding the pool, Thee chose Dekton Orix as an accent for the space’s modern look. “I wanted the exterior and interior of this home to bend, so Dekton was a natural choice,“ said Thee. “You can’t use other solid surfacing materials in these kinds of outdoor environments.”

The touches of Dekton Orix can also be surrounded in the countertop surrounding the grill, where the durability of the material takes center stage. Resistant to heat and easy to clean, Dekton is the perfect surfacing for an area often prone to spills, juices, burns and stains.


Marc Thee is the co-founder and design principal of Marc-Michaels, a leading authority on home fashion and interior design. He began working in the design field in 1983. In 1985, he co-founded Marc-Michaels Interior Design, Inc. along with Michael Abbott.

Design is truly second nature to Marc, and his focus is primarily on high-end residential and commercial projects. He is solution-driven and believes the best tool in any situation is a smile. Marc travels extensively around the world to a variety of project sites where his expertise is in high demand. Marc has also donated his time and talents to many charitable events. A talented speaker whose annual appearances at trade shows lead to sold-out audiences, Marc has also made multiple television appearances.

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