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Stone countertops: essentials to your project

When choosing a kitchen or bathroom countertop you have to keep these criteria in mind more than any others:

  • Durability
  • Functionality
  • Aesthetic

The first aspect is vital for the kitchen, a space where hot liquids, sharp objects, etc. are all used. The selected material will be key in the design of this room, for its daily use and its hygiene.

Granite: The most frequent stone countertops

stone countertops

Sample of different types of granites

Granites bring resistance and style to your kitchen. It has to be treated if you don’t want the surface to absorb fat substances, but it will then be impossible to scratch, will resist heat, acids and shocks. The national production is substantial, but offers less colors than importations.

More hygienic granites are also offered like, for example, the ones from

Sensa by Cosentino, featuring a unique anti-stain protection.

Marble: a stylish option

stone countertops

Polished marble bathroom countertop.

A very robust and aesthetically attractive material, especially if it’s been polished. It features a wide range of colors and its veining instills anything made of marble with a unique character and elegance. It however does not resist acids because it has a certain level of porosity which allows stains and that may need to be polished to regain brightness. It is nevertheless more recommended for the bathroom than for the kitchen countertops.

The elegance of slate

Its best property is its impermeability, which makes it a great choice for bathrooms and kitchens stone countertops. It features rare beauty and class which makes a main character in any room. It therefore doesn’t get stained easily and maintenance is almost nonexistent, even if waterproofing it is advised so it can preserve its original look. One of its biggest downside is that it is a delicate material which is not very resistant to shocks, something essential for a countertop used daily.

Dekton’s ultra-compact countertop: resistance and aesthetic

stone countertops

Exterior kitchen countertop with a marbled finish, Aura 15,  Dekton by Cosentino

Dekton is a durable and robust surface which, in some models, imitates stone, ideal for the daily life and smooth to touch. It doesn’t get stained, is highly resistant to fire, heat and abrasion, as well as UV rays, the latter making it ideal for exterior kitchens. This material combines raw materials, which are used to produce glass, the latest generation of porcelain, with quartz surfaces because large format pieces avoid cuts and joints, allowing for greater uniformity and a steady color that will blend in perfectly in any setting.

If you are aiming to instill a unique touch to your bathroom that will last for years thanks to a stone countertop, Dekton is a great choice. You will also be able to choose from the different textures and wide range of color palettes it offers, comprising more than 40 tones, allowing you to personalize your project to your liking.

Natural stones and ultra-compact surfaces alike will harmoniously blend in with a lot of different design styles. Which one are you going to use for your next project?


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