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2015 Silestone Trendspotters Develop New Color Concepts With Cosentino’s R&D Team

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Following its successful color collaboration with the 2014 Silestone Trendspotters and launch of the first-ever Silestone Influencer Series, Cosentino took its newest class of Trendspotters to its global headquarters in Spain for a creative workshop with the company’s R&D team.

The Silestone Trendspotter program, developed four years ago to immerse the global leader in North American design trends, engages leading interior designers from across the continent to not only share trend and color insights from their respective markets, but to delve into consumer insights and new product development that reflects design trends forecasted for the coming year.

From Pensacola to Palm Springs (and Toronto, too), the six Trendspotters represent a diverse range of design practices that collectively complement one another. And as they dug through deep stacks of prototypes and sunk their fingers into flecks and chips that go into each slab of Silestone, inspiration for the new collection emerged, along with valuable industry insights for the R&D team:

– Embrace more organic, unexpected and irregular veining in quartz surfaces capturing the beauty of natural stone

– Durability and stain resistance are paramount—the maintenance and upkeep required for natural stone surfacing make quartz even more desirable for today’s busy homeowner

– White will always be classic, but countertops in different hues and new neutrals allow designers to educate homeowners on impactful ways to bring color into a kitchen and bath

– A boldly patterned surface can set the tone for the entire design of a space and serve as its focal point without overpowering the rest of the aesthetic

Over the next two months, the Trendspotters will work closely with Cosentino’s R&D team to hone and fine tune the color concepts, which will make their first debut in Las Vegas at KBIS 2016. Stay tuned!

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