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2019 Modern Luxury Interiors Texas Show House features Dekton and Silestone

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Dekton and Silestone both shone throughout the Modern Luxury Interiors Texas Show House. Located in Houston, Texas, and designed in a Feng Sui manner, uses Silestone Eternal Marquina, Dekton Sirius, Dekton Aura and Dekton Bergen throughout the home. Below, designer Nina Magon of Contour Interior Design shares her vision for the spaces and why she chose Dekton and Silestone for this project.

Cosentino: Why did you decide to participate in this Show House?

NM: I wanted to bring awareness to Houston that there is a design aesthetic available outside of the US that is derived from a modern international flare. Houston is an international city, shouldn’t we make Houston aware that there are more styles available than traditional beige. We believe in a forward-thinking design inspired by interior design education from all over the world.

Cosentino: Describe the overall aesthetic of your space. What inspired your vision?

NM: The existing architecture of the house was extremely traditional. We inherited and kept many of the traditional moldings in the home and fused it European inspired modern aesthetic.  The combination of European modern design with traditional aspects has added a unique perspective of design in the home.

Cosentino: Who do you envision living in this space?

NM: A forward-thinking family who appreciates the beauty of life and living in a Feng Sui manner.

Cosentino: From both a design and functionality standpoint, how did that inspire the materials you specified?

NM: The inspiration was derived from a forward-thinking design point of perspective keeping the style of the home classic and everlasting with a flare of an international approach to modern design.

Cosentino: We understand you specified a material from Cosentino in your space. What material did you use, and in what application?


  • Dekton Natural Collection in Glacier throughout the main floor
  • Dekton Stonika in Bergen for the master bath countertop and master bath wall
  • Dekton Stonika in Sogne in the parlor fireplace
  • Dekton Natural Collection in Aura in the island countertop, backsplash wall, perimeter wall, pantry,  and outside the kitchen
  • Dekton Keon for the kitchen waterfall island and laundry room
  • Dekton Sirius in the kitchen bar and pool-area bathroom

Cosentino: From a design and aesthetic standpoint, why did you select this color?

NM: It fit the design aesthetic of European modern and paired well with the traditional architecture of the home to keep it classic and forward-thinking.

Cosentino: From a durability and functionality standpoint, why did you select Dekton and Silestone?

NM: I selected Dekton for the flooring because of its luxury appeal and it is incredibly durable and can withstand wear over time. I chose Dekton and Silestone for the countertops in the entire house due to the functionality and durability of the material.

Cosentino: What sets the two apart from other surfaces?

NM: They’re beautiful and durable materials. They produce a luxury appeal and are built to last.

Cosentino: What are the top 3 design tips you¹d like fellow design pros and homeowners to take away from your space?


  1. You can bring in and mix different styles and still make the overall design beautiful and functional.
  2. Don’t just look for inspiration locally, look all over the world for inspiration. There are so many things around the world to be inspired by!
  3. Before you tear down the house and start new, understand the classic beauty of the original style and try to keep the forward-thinking design aesthetic in mind!

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