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5 Clever Ways to Liven Up your Home Kitchen

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A home kitchen is the most functional room in every household. It is a busy place that serves its purpose, but that does not mean that your kitchen should look and feel like a school cafeteria. Quite opposite, your kitchen should be a heart of your home!

In this space reserved for cooking, people of all ages meet and bond over delicious food. You can make this small portion of your home a bit cozier with the help of simple décor ideas that will cost you very little to nothing. Keep on reading to find out how you can make your kitchen feel more welcoming in a matter of minutes.


1.    Bring Nature Into your Home Kitchen

A minimalistic glass vase filled with beautiful flowers enhances the appearance of the whole home kitchen.

People quite often forget about nature when decorating the interior. Without a pop of greenery, a home can feel a bit isolated. Kitchens especially strive for that fresh hint of wildness. A minimalistic glass vase filled with freshly picked flowers can make a huge difference in your home. Simply place an Aloe Vera plant or a pot of fresh parsley or basil in the corner of your kitchen counter and you will immediately notice the whole ambiance change for the better.

2.    Mix and Match Interior Styles

Industrial lamp and faucet beautifully complement this country-themed home kitchen.  

Have you ever thought about experimenting with different interior design styles? The art of mix and matching is not that difficult to master. Just remember that opposites often attract each other. For instance, cool tones of industrial style are compatible with warm tones of rustic and mid-century modern style. Try installing an industrial kitchen faucet and low hanging metal lamps in your country kitchen. If you happen to have a beamed ceiling or exposed brick wall in your home kitchen try pairing them with the upbeat retro inspired kitchenware in pastel colors.

3.    Add a Pop of Color

Cooking utensils and kitchen appliances are mostly available in black monochromatic shades, from white to different tones of gray. These colors can set a dull atmosphere in your home kitchen. If you feel like your kitchen lacks personality try introducing it to vibrant colors. Step out of your comfort zone and invest into a green stand mixer, pink coffee mugs, yellow vase, or hang an abstract painting on the nearest wall. Even a simple bowl of fresh fruit will give your home kitchen a makeover.

4.    Welcome the Light

Sunlight will brighten up your home kitchen and make it appear more spacious.  

Sunlight can open up even the smallest rooms. The brightness and therapeutic effects of daylight will make your kitchen instantly more desirable. Welcome the sunlight into your home and open up the window whenever in need of a fresh breeze. Natural light will not only affect your mood but also make every smooth metallic and glass surface stand out. The sunlight will reflect off your kitchen counter and expose a true beauty of the marble or Cosentino Silestone now available in more colors.


5.    Experiment with Materials, Textures, and Patterns

Natural veining of Cosentino Silestone gives the luxurious element to this home kitchen.

Every single material, texture, and pattern carries its own message. Circular patterns, for instance, create a softer look great for the contemporary interiors while angular shapes exude sharpness that best complements the industrial style.

If you want to add a little bit of edginess to your kitchen, try investing into leather barstools or a rug embellished with the square motif. An oriental rug, on the other hand, can help you bring a Middle Eastern cultural influence in your home. And if you want to make your kitchen more luxurious, try investing into Cosentino Silestone countertop with the prominent veining pattern running throughout the whole surface.

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