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Cosentino Showcases Unlimited Architectural Applications of Dekton at 2019 AIA National Conference

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Cosentino, the global leader in the production and distribution of innovative surfaces for design and architecture, will showcase the myriad of applications of its Dekton offerings, an innovative, ultra-compact surface with technical properties and performance capabilities that make it an ideal surfacing solution for interior and exterior applications, at the American Institute of Architects (AIA) National Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada from June 6-8, 2019.

This year, the booth was designed to inspire architects and designers alike on the unlimited uses of Dekton. “Dekton has received tremendous recognition for its innovative color and design, but what’s equally important is how it empowers architects to rethink their approach to surfacing in residential, commercial, and hospitality applications,” says Massimo Ballucchi, Marketing Director of Cosentino North America.

Recently launched at the 2019 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, Dekton Slim is sure to be a luminary in the booth. Dekton Slim is a revolution for surfacing in architecture and building projects – it combines the amazing technical and mechanical features that Dekton® is known for with a new and much thinner, lighter and manageable format for installation. With its reduced thickness (4 mm) and weight (10 kg/m2), its light format means that Dekton® Slim is the ideal choice for projects that require high performance and lightweight materials.

To showcase the breadth of Dekton’s flooring and ventilated façade applications, Cosentino collaborated with Gridworx, the revolutionary mechanical stone cladding system, to demonstrate two ventilated facades. In addition, the booth also features three newly completed commercial projects that specified Dekton facades: Kap West Building by Wiel Arets Architects; Armonk Professional Center by Simonian Rosenbaum Architecture; and 100 Biscayne by Zyscovich.

“The annual AIA Conference on Architecture is a significant industry event and we look forward to connecting with architects to discuss the versatility of Dekton, and how it can be used in their projects,” says Eduardo Cosentino, CEO of Cosentino North America and EVP Global Sales Cosentino Group.“Exhibiting the beautiful aesthetics of our products is equally important as demonstrating the various application and installation opportunities they offer architects.”

About Cosentino Group

Cosentino Group is a global, family-owned company that produces and distributes high value innovative surfaces for architecture and design. As a leading company, Cosentino imagines and anticipates together with its customers and partners design solutions that offer value and inspiration to peoples’ lives. This goal is made possible by pioneering brands that are leaders in their respective segments such as Silestone®, Dekton®, and Sensa by Cosentino®. Technologically advanced surfaces create unique designs for the home and public spaces.

The group bases its development on international expansion, an innovative research and development program, respect for the environment and sustainability, and its ongoing corporate commitment to society and the local communities where it operates, education, equality and health & safety.

Cosentino Group currently distributes its products and brands in more than 80 countries from its headquarters in Almeria, Spain. Currently Cosentino is present in 32 countries with its own assets in 29 of them. The group has seven factories (six in Almeria and one in Brazil), one intelligent logistics platform in Spain and more than 120 commercial and business units throughout the world. More than 90% of Cosentino Group’s financial turnover comes from international markets.

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