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Anthony Carrino: Building with Dekton Outside

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Building with Dekton is exciting because it’s such a versatile material and the possibilities are extensive. For example, Anthony Carrino used Dekton in several different ways on his new roof deck – both as a  countertop for his outdoor kitchen and as actual decking throughout the space.

Inspired by Anthony’s diverse work, here are some things to consider when you’re planning your first Dekton project.

  • Work with professionals:

The most important thing to start with when considering a roof deck project like Anthony’s is to make sure you work with a professional who is properly trained in handling the product. A great contractor and structural engineer will know the best way execute your project, and can head off problems that you may not be able to anticipate.

Working with a trained professional will insure that your finished project is as safe as it is beautiful.

  • Keep it consistent:

Anthony let his Dekton design inspiration be a uniting element throughout his entire space. From the indoor kitchen with the island and wet bar to his decking and the countertop on his outdoor kitchen, he chose a material that wouldn’t wear over time and picked colors and textures that have a similar aesthetic.

Dekton is unique in that it’s suitable for all areas of the home, including outdoor spaces, so it is an outstanding choice for carrying a cohesive design across multiple areas in the home.

  • Flow and function:

Your outdoor area should be a relaxing space where you want to spend a lot of time; otherwise it’s not worth the investment! Think about how you will use the space and plan a design where you can easily move between one activity and another.

In Anthony’s case he knew that entertaining as well as having a dedicated space for working on his deck were integral to his urban oasis. Pairing his deck area with an outdoor kitchen as well as the enclosed shipping container space created areas that all serve unique and important roles.

Keeping in mind these elements will help you create a Dekton project that stands the test of time, both in design and construction.


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