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Anthony’s Roof Deck: Outdoor Kitchen Installation

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When you’ve got an amazing view, gorgeous rooftop deck, and indoor lounging area what’s left to add? The obvious answer in the case of Anthony Carrino’s Dekton roof deck project was an outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor kitchens are sweeping the kitchen industry, and for good reason. The ability to cook and entertain in the same outdoor space where your guests are socializing is incredibly attractive to homeowners. No longer does the summer chef have to be isolated away from the fun in a hot kitchen while preparing food. Prep, grilling, serving, and clean up can take place right in the midst of the party for those with an outdoor kitchen.

For his outdoor kitchen Anthony chose to go with a 10-foot long unit that’s identical to the one he featured on the recent Fox News segment he appeared on with Gerri Willis. Dekton countertops, a gorgeous Coyote grill with some unique attachments, Brown Jordan cabinetry that is designed to withstand the elements, and a sink and fixtures by Kohler all rounded out a kitchen sure to serve Anthony’s entertaining needs perfectly.

To keep tabs on the progress of Anthony’s roof deck be sure to follow #DektonOutside on Twitter.

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