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Architizer Takes an Inside Look at Dekton XGloss

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XGloss is quickly grabbing the attention of the architecture and design industries. As Dekton’s finishes and colors expand, so do the possibilities for designers and architects!

Cosentino’s Product and Innovation Director, Valentin Tijeras Garcia, recently explained how Dekton XGloss is a unique addition to the current market in an article featured on Architizer. “High-gloss materials available in the market right now are low-performance, and Cosentino wanted to meet design demand with a high level of durability.” After two years of research and development, Cosentino launched its super-shiny series to fill this industry need.


The junction of quality and aesthetic has always been Dekton’s defining characteristic and XGloss is no different. “The gloss is produced mechanically, without any coating,” Garcia elaborates. “To improve performance and make the material highly resistant to stains, we add a treatment with nanoparticles, which react with the surface and create a permanent bond.” This method produces different types of glosses when paired with other materials, but the specific visual effect of XGloss is exclusive to Dekton.


The XGloss launch was designed to merge modern and traditional design. Consequently, the first release encompasses a small group of grays and whites. “There is certainly opportunity for XGloss in contemporary designs, but more and more we are seeing the blend of modern-looking materials and finishes into traditional styles” Garcia explains.

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This versatile line provides new potential for Dekton’s portfolio across the nation. Visit and follow along at @DektonNA on Twitter for more updates on this exciting new series.


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