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Black and white kitchens: a winning combination

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Black and white kitchen décor is a design classic that has never gone out of fashion. In fact, it has become somewhat an essential trend in the last few years. It’s an ideal combination that’s suited for traditional and avant-garde kitchens alike, and it will help you create a timeless yet very modern space.

You should highlight one or other of the colours according to the size and brightness level of your kitchen. There’s no reason to avoid black if your kitchen is small or poorly lit, but if that’s the case, you should give greater prominence to white and only use black sparsely.

Follow our tips and suggestions for different combinations, and give your kitchen a very up-to-date look.

1- Black fittings and furniture, white countertops, flooring and wall cladding — or vice versa

black and white kitchen backsplash ideas

The first and second suggestions will both make for an impressive, intriguing and avant-garde combination of contrasts.

For state-of-the-art kitchens, you should choose fittings in a deep black, with a gloss or matte lacquered finish, complemented by a countertop and kitchen backsplash in pure white. You should also select handle-free kitchen units with straight, refined lines, or units with a modern, minimalist design, also in black or matte steel.

For the countertop, backsplash, flooring and wall cladding you could opt for a Silestone quartz surface. The material’s design is based on a process that offers a wide range of attractive colours, extraordinary textures and a number of highly performant features, especially a high resistance to stains. Like the many other white Silestone tones, Iconic White, Blanco Zeus, Ariel and Blanco Maple will all provide the durability and strength your kitchen needs.

With its Integrity models, Silestone also offers the option of fitting a sink made from the same material, allowing you to create a uniform and highly fashionable design. The sinks are available in a variety of sizes, including 41 x 51 x 15.5 cm for the Integrity One model, 37 x 51 x 15.5 cm for a single washbasin, or 43.5 x 67 x 21 cm for the Integrity XL model. They’re the ideal measurements if you want to leave your kitchen looking flawless and practically joint free.

If you would rather design a kitchen with white fittings, you can create a contrast by choosing black for the other surfaces. Options include Eternal Marquina, one of the most modern and spectacular of the new Silestone’s models, Iconic Black and Negro Anubis. The various textures offered by the brand, including ‘Pulido’, ‘Suede’ and ‘Volcano’, will help you create a kitchen full of character and personality.

With a range of amazing colors and unique coatings, Dekton ultra-compact surfaces will also allow you to design a stylish yet practical black and white kitchen. Available options include the black tones of Radium from the Industrial Collection, Spectra from the XGloss Solid Collection, and Borea from the Wild Collection. The last-mentioned finish offers a faux wood texture and is ideal for adding quality and originality to your kitchen. Some of the most notable Dekton designs in white are Nilium, one of the newest options from the Industrial Collection, and two coatings from the Natural Collection, Aura 15 and Entzo, both of which offer a realistic faux marble look. From the XGloss Solid Collection, Halo is another design worth mentionning. All these surfaces boast the high performing features that Dekton has to offer: a high resistance to stains, abrasions, cold, heat, scratches, etc.

2- White with black hints

black and white kitchen backsplash ideas

If your kitchen is small or poorly lit, you can use white as your main colour and add a touch of black with accessories, electrical appliances and light fittings. A predominantly white space will look great if you add some black lampshades or stools. Your kitchen would look smaller if all the surfaces were black, but if you just add hints of black to your work area, you’ll manage to hide any possible cooking stains.

3- Unconventional kitchens

black and white kitchen backsplash ideas

On the other hand, if you’re not short on space and have plenty of natural light, you could go for the opposite combination — a much more bold and unconventional mix. Choose black for your fittings, countertop, wall cladding and flooring, and then add some white key elements to produce a very attractive contrasting layout.

4- A black kitchen island

black and white kitchen backsplash ideas

An island is now a must-have feature for both large kitchens and kitchen spaces that open onto the living room or the dining room. You can create an avant-garde kitchen by designing an island with surfaces and units in intense black. The contrast with the white elements will help create a state-of-the-art space that’s very trendy.

5- Sophisticated black and white kitchen

black and white kitchen backsplash ideas

Black and white checkerboard floors are back as a fashionable flooring option. Classic floor tiles, with standard measurements ranging from 30 x 30 cm to 40 x 40 cm, or larger tiles alternating both colours, will instill character and personality to your kitchen.

6- A very sophisticated office

If you’d prefer to design an all-white kitchen, adding black to the office space is a great option. A black table and some black chairs will separate spaces, while also infusing a touch of style and sophistication to the surroundings. If you install your office in a corner of the kitchen, you can use surfaces that differ from the rest of the room and add materials with black textures or coatings.

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