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Chaos Console by Daniel Germani

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Daniel Germani is a man of many talents. Furniture design, architectural renovations, and creative directing all fall within the realm of this talented artist. Recently Daniel turned his eyes to Dekton, a material with as many possibilities as Daniel has ideas, and the result was the Chaos Console. The Console is a marriage of Daniel’s ingenuity, design sense, and the unique characteristics of Dekton. Read below to see what he had to say about creating the Chaos Console and working with Dekton.

1. How did you go about choosing the Ananke finish for the project and what unique advantages of Dekton, other than the finish, inspired the Chaos Console design?

The grain design and deep rich black color of Ananke reminded me of beautiful ebony. Its ultra-compact makeup allows for installation both indoors and out, which significantly expands the horizons for both architects and designers alike. Dekton is versatile and sexy—definitely one of my favorite materials to work with at the moment.

2. How was the experience of working with Dekton as a material?

The stone delivered incredible results, surpassing all my expectations. The end result was a beautiful piece that is deceptively durable.

3. Where/How could you envision this piece being placed?

I can envision Chaos Console in a variety of settings: in a home -foyer, living room, dining room, in a lobby of a hotel or in a pool house or terrace.

4. How did working with Dekton on the Chaos Console inspire you in imagining future projects and applications of the product?

I am really inspired by the fact that Dekton performs incredibly well in any setting. It is very rare to find such an elegant material with which one can create seamless transitions between outdoors and indoors.

To say that I am excited to keep learning and participating in the future developments of Dekton is an understatement. Partnering with the Cosentino family and its incredible team of talented professionals is comforting and rewarding. For Dekton, the sky is the limit!

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