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Chaos Console on Rob Report

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Rob Report recently covered the Chaos Console and Daniel Germani’s design inspiration behind it. Read our favorite quotes from the piece, which so clearly capture the spirit of Dekton!

“Germani ventures into new design territory, however, unexpectedly pairing the rich black tone and wood grain–like texture of Dekton’s Ananke finish with the contrasting sculptural base powder-coated with antique brass, all of which leads to a captivating conclusion: opposites do attract.”

-Arianne Nardo, Rob Report

I was completely blown away by the innovation and versatility of Dekton, and I came home incredibly inspired.” The experience stimulated the first furniture collaboration between Germani and Cosentino—a global brand that specializes in state-of-the-art architectural surfaces.”

– Daniel Germani on the inspiration behind his design for the Chaos Console

For more on the Chaos Console and the limitless applications of Dekton for design, follow along on Twitter and Instagram with #DektonUnlimited.

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