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Christopher Kennedy's Jetset Glamour Meets Historical Spain

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Christopher Kennedy’s sense of glamour and jetset nostalgia added definite flair to the 2015 Trendspotter’s trip to Spain.

Christopher has a knack for tying modern aesthetics with old-school sophistication, so he immediately resonated with Spanish culture. His designs reflect the lively vibe of his hometown of Palm Springs, California. In Palm Springs, contemporary innuendos and unexpected flairs are the name of the game.


Christopher Kennedy Showhouse – Palm Springs, California

“The innate chicness of Spain inspired me daily — from the patterns and organic nature of Gaudi architecture to the effortless style and beauty of the Spanish people.”


Barcelona, Spain

“I miss the days when families sat down to dinners together, people dressed to leave the house, and interactions happened face-to-face. In Spain, I witnessed people experiencing these simple – but often forgotten – luxuries on a daily basis.”


Barcelona, Spain

He brought this fresh sense of inspiration to the table when the six 2015 Trendspotters convened at Cosentino’s headquarters in Almeria, Spain.

“What an honor and responsibility to help figure out ‘what’s next’ in quartz counters!”

Placing six talented, big-personality, designers in a room for twelve hours could have been a recipe for disaster. But in this case, it was just the opposite!

“There were no egos in the room; no one was the leader. We each stepped up when it was our time to lead, stepped back when we needed time to ponder. When something just ‘worked’, we all knew it – and I’m so excited to see the results of our collaboration.”



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