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City Glam Concept Kitchen by Courtney Cachet

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If you’ve seen the stunning gold veining of the Silestone Influencer series color Lusso you’ve probably also been itching to see it installed in a kitchen. As luck would have it Courtney Cachet had the opportunity to design a kitchen around the color in Kohler Wisconsin.

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Read on to see how Courtney interpreted her city glam style, inspired by her hometown of New York City, into a bright and airy kitchen.

1.How does your vignette design represent your local market, and your personal aesthetic?

My kitchen vignette design represents my market, New York, in that it’s sophisticated and elegant yet practical and current all at the same time. It represents my personal style of elegant elements with a touch of glamour and my signature metallics, brass and gold. While I adore “in your face” glam looks, I also like to add balance and a little more subtlety in the kitchen.

2. How do your choices of Kohler products and Benjamin Moore paint colors complement Lusso?

Lusso is essentially layers of warm whites with just a hint of gold. Brass is always my first choice in plumbing for its warmth and ability to feel both vintage and modern, depending on the space. My Kohler choices enhance the warm hues of the Lusso countertops without competing with them. Plus, they’re glamorous and not overdone, much like the kitchen itself.

Cachet_Paint 2 copy

3. Why is white on white such a lasting trend in design? How are designers keeping it fresh today?

White on White is not a trend, it’s a look. Trends come and go but white kitchens are overwhelmingly the most popular. They feel clean and bright and since it is typically the first place homeowners go in the morning, white makes a lot of sense. It creates a fresh start to the day.  From a practicality standpoint…have you ever lived in a home with dark countertops? Not fun if more than one very neat and clean person resides there!

4. What are some tips for working with a white on white color palette? And how much more does texture matter when you’re working with a single tone?

Whenever you’re creating single tone designs, texture and varying shades are always what it boils down to. In my vignette, we did that through the paint, the backsplash, the countertops and the cabinetry. It’s all white, but it feels stylish not like a doctor’s office!

5. What is your favorite detail in the space?

I have two. First the hood, because it’s so unique and chic and unexpected. And second, I have to admit that the glass refrigerator is fabulous. I already told my husband I won’t get mad if he buys me a refrigerator for my birthday. Seriously.

6. Do you have any design tips for people with galley kitchens?

My advice for those who have galley kitchens is to add more design. Often, we’re inclined to keep small spaces ultra-simple but that’s all wrong. Small spaces need more design and décor – and it’s much easier when you have two equal sides! Go for it.

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Cachet_Overall 3 copy

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