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Cosentino and Homes for Our Troops Welcome Home Army Specialist Joseph William Paulk, Jr.

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Cosentino and Homes for Our Troops are proud to welcome Army Spc Joseph William Paulk, Jr. home to his newly renovated home in Fallbrook, California. Homes For Our Troops is a privately funded 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization that builds and donates specially adapted custom homes nationwide to severely injured Post-9/11 Veterans like Joseph.

Since 2017, Silestone by Cosentino, the world’s leading brand in quartz surfacing, has been proud to partner with Home For Our Troops as the exclusive surface provider in these homes. Known for its strength and resilience, Silestone will help make everyday life for Veterans and their families a little easier, thanks to its high resistance to stains, impacts and scratches.

Below, Army Spc Joseph William Paulk, Jr. shares more about his experience working with Homes for Our Troops and what this new home means for him.

  • Name: Joseph William Paulk, Jr.
  • Location: Fallbrook, California
  • Current Title: Retired
  • Armed Service Branch: Army
  • Rank: Specialist
  • Years in Service: 2004-2007

What called you to serve in the armed forces?

Service to my country and opportunity for my future. I was an MP in the Army and if I decided on my own to leave the military I could carry out that career as a civilian.

What injuries did you sustain in service?

Severe burns to my face and upper body and legs, amputations to all 10 fingers and partial amputation to nose and ears.

Tell us about your journey in recovery.

3 and half weeks in a coma with daily blood transfusions, many skin grafts, amputation surgeries. When I woke up from my coma I had 18 months of therapy and recovery where I had to re-learn to walk and talk and function daily independently without fingers. Once I was strong enough to be more independent I was medically discharged to come home where I had to reintegrate myself into society with my new injuries.

How did you first connect with Homes for Our Troops?

A few veteran friends told me that they were receiving homes built for them by other organizations but I was turned down so I started searching the internet for other organizations and finally came across HFOT.

Would you recommend Cosentino for friends’ homes?

Yes, I would recommend the Cosentino countertops to a friend. It’s easy to clean, durable, and the quality is amazing.

How would describe your experience with Homes For Our Troops?

My experience with HFOT has been really amazing. HFOT for me is like my second family.

Before moving into your current home, where did you live? What challenges did its design create in your everyday life?

I owned a home in my hometown with multiple close friends as roommates. Challenges are climate control. Without air conditioning and proper windows I have a hard time keeping cool because my scarring isn’t porous so it doesn’t sweat. Handles for doors and windows and bath/shower are a challenge. Getting things high off of shelves. My shower is small and I don’t have a bathtub so my caregiver bathing me was difficult.

Tell us about when you found out Homes for Our Troops was giving you and your family a new home.

I was filled with extreme joy and relief and excitement thinking about how much easier my day to day life is going to be. And the opportunities of not having a mortgage will provide for my family financially.

You’ll find additional information in the video below:

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