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“Cosentino City Live!”: Access the Best Design from Home


Cosentino City Live! with Ron AradBenjamin HubertNika ZupancAlfredo HäberliMaría Villalón and Patternity.

It’s time to stay home! Cosentino invites you to enjoy the Cosentino City Live! talks to learn more about architecture, design and interior design by a prestigious panel of professionals: Ron AradBenjamin HubertNika ZupancAlfredo HäberliMaría Villalón and Patternity.

Each participant opens up about the key to designing spaces and objects from their inner emotions, as well as share their personal experience and incredible knowledge of the world of design.

  • March 31: Ron Arad – @ronaradstudio
  • April 1: María Villalón – @mariavillalonpuras
  • April 2: Benjamin Hubert – @benjaminhubert
  • April 3: Patternity – @patternity
  • April 6: Alfredo Häberli – @alfredo.haeberli
  • April 7: Nika Zupanc – @nikazupanc


Cosentino City Live! is an international initiative that is transmitted through the social networks of all Cosentino Cities, the innovative and advanced showrooms located in the heart of big cities.

The company has today 12 Cosentino Cities showrooms in Sydney, Singapore, New York, San Francisco, Toronto, Montreal, Milan, London, Madrid, Dubai, Miami and Los Angeles. All Cosentino Cities are closed due to the global fight against this devastating pandemic, but have opened its virtual space to provide the best content for the world of design and architecture.

How people can enjoy the Cosentino City Live!?

  1. Complete a short questionnaire using the link you’ll find on the Cosentino City’s Instagram page (bio).
  2. Cosentino sends you a link to the private YouTube channel.
  3. Cosentino uploads a new video each day, featuring talks from your favourite designers. The videos reside permanently on the YouTube channel.

Stay home and enjoy Cosentino City Live!

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