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Cosentino Group is the main sponsor for the “Made in Spain” international lecture series



Cosentino Group is the main sponsor of the fifth edition of the “Made in Spain” lecture series organized by the Spanish Foundation for Contemporary Architecture. This year, the lectures will be held in the United States, the first of which were held this past Monday and Tuesday in Houston, TX.

In line with its commitment to the world of architecture and the well-deserved international projection of Spanish professionals, Cosentino supports the 2016 initiative to introduce a number of important Spanish architects in several major U.S. cities. The title “Made in Spain,” was coined by the Spanish Foundation for Contemporary Architecture and aims to make the architecture of Spain known abroad through the organization of lectures put on by esteemed Spanish professionals. 


The first event of this year’s series took place at the Rice School of Architecture and was hosted by the Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos studio. Fuensanta Nieto and Enrique Sobejano explained their perception of current architectural ideas and showed some of their most outstanding work including the Madinat al Zahra Museum in Cordoba (recipient of the 2010 Aga Khan Award) and the Andalusian Space for Contemporary Creation (a finalist of the 2015 Mies van der Rohe Prize).

Carlos Jiménez, an architect and professor at the Rice School, and Martha Thorne, executive director of the Pritzker Prize who represents the Spanish Foundation for Contemporary Architecture, were both in attendance.


This year’s series of lectures will be topped off by a talk to be given by the winners of the latest edition of the Mies van der Rohe Prize, the Barozzi / Veiga Architecture studio, on March 17th at the Spitzer School of Architecture at City College in New York. They will also be accompanied by Julio Salcedo-Fernández, Director of the Department of Architecture at City College, and the architect Juan Gavilanes. Miami will host the last lecture towards the end of the year, in November, the highlight of which will be the presence of Juan Domingo Santos, the architect from Granada, who will be accompanied by Jose María de Churtichaga, architect and professor at the School of Architecture in Miami, and Pura García Márquez who will represent the Foundation.

Santiago Alfonso, Director of Marketing and Communications for Cosentino stated, “It is a privilege to participate in this prestigious and successful initiative that joins two worlds that are intimately linked to our company. One, of course, is the case of architecture, in which we are ever more present thanks to the various projects and collaborations we work on with architects from all over the world. And the other is the case of the United States, currently our main market and where we are absolute leaders in the sector of surfaces for architecture and design.”

The international “Made in Spain” lecture series, held since 2009, was granted the Award for International Spanish Architecture last year and was hailed as an example of an initiative created for the purpose of internationalizing the dissemination of Spanish architecture abroad. These award are given by the Forum of Spanish Architecture of the Superior Council of College Architects of Spain.  To date, there have been four editions of “Made in Spain” and they have taken the most renowned Spanish professionals and architecture studios to Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa.

The Foundation highlights, “By organizing these series of lectures, our aim is to strengthen international relations with academic and cultural institutions that are dedicated to the promotion of architecture. Architectural output in Spain today is of great quality thanks to architects from different generations and from different parts of the country, however, it is not as recognized as it should be abroad.”

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