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Cosentino Group Reaches $1.1 Billion in Sales in 2018


Cosentino Group has increased its profitability, growing its EBITDA at a faster rate than salesThe volume of business at the end of the financial year was $1.1 billion  which represents an increase of 9.3% compared to the previous year.

With regard to the Operations result, the EBITDA of the Group has, in turn, increased by 11% with respect to 2017, achieving a record figure of $160.5 million in 2018The Group’s Net Profits climbed to $56.69 million.

Employment Generation

The number of Group employees at the end of 2018 exceeded 4,300 people worldwide (4,314 employees), a staff composed of professionals representing up to 75 different nationalities.

Last year alone, Cosentino created nearly 400 new direct jobs (397).

In 2018, the percentage of jobs with permanent contracts within the Group rose to 91.16%. Additionally, the percentage of women in management positions rose from 14.45% in 2017 to 18.07% last year.

Production and Commercial Investments

The Group’s investments in the 2018 tax year rose to nearly $99 million ($98.79 million), maintaining the roadmap established in the Company’s 2016-2020 Investment Plan.

Of this plan, 73% is earmarked for investments in Almería, Spain, especially within the Cosentino Industrial Park in Cantoria.  These funds will be focused mainly on improving and increasing production capacity, as well as in the industrialization of the novel automation and robotization systems developed the previous year.

Also worth noting is the construction and launch of a separate waste management plant within the Industrial Park last July, linked to the company’s environmental policy.

When it comes to the areas of sales and distribution, the Group continues its process of international expansion based on its own facilities. In 2018, the corporation opened new “Cosentino Centers” in the United States, Italy, United Kingdom, France, Sweden and Poland. In addition, with the opening of the “City” in Miami, Cosentino increased the number of these exclusive models of showrooms located in global city centers to 11.

The company closed 2018 with 136 commercial and/or own distribution facilities (117 “Centers”, 11 “City”, 3 Hubs and 5 Logistics Operators) distributed in more than 30 different countriesand distributing its products in 116 countries on five continents.

PR_Cosentino reaches €984.5 million in sales in 2018 with a record EBITDA of €143 million

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