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Cosentino Launches Dekton Floor and Tile Program

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We’re proud to announce the Dekton Floor & Tile program! For the first time, Dekton will be available in large-format tile sizes. This offers architects and designers a material that far exceeds the existing standards for traditional flooring materials.

“The unique technical characteristics of Dekton, from scratch and stain resistance to incredible strength and durability, represent highly desirable performance traits for tile and flooring materials,” said Carl Harris, Director of Flooring, Cosentino North America.

Cosentino has established a Cosentino Tile Contractor Certification Program (CTCCP) to ensure that only qualified professionals install Dekton. This program, and others like it have established Cosentino’s reputation as a worldwide leader in architectural products.

Dekton tile will soon be available nationwide in all 33 Dekton colors in standard sizes ranging from 28” x 28” to 56” x 126” and in custom tile sizes, in 8mm thickness.

We can’t wait to see how architects and designers use Dekton in this new capacity.

For more information on Dekton Flooring, go to: and follow along with #DektonUnlimited on Instagram and Twitter. But first, let these images inspire your creativity.

Living room c

RS10676_DEKTON Restaurante Dani Garcia Marbella 08

Modern villa, interior

Dekton_Floor Tile

Dekton_Sirius_Exterior Tile

RS10675_DEKTON Restaurante Dani Garcia Marbella 07

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