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Cosentino presents “C 16 – Architecture & Everything Else”

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In collaboration with the architectural world, C 16 magazine shares insights on leading innovations, designs and projects that contribute towards a more sustainable and beautiful world.

The front page offers a mere glimpse of the report featured in the Arts section. Munich-based photographer Tom Hegen is undertaking a thorough investigation to visually demonstrate the impact man’s activity is having on the Earth.

In its Architecture section, C 16 magazine shows Vector Architects’ transformation of a former sugar mill, located in southern China, to a hotel respectful of its unique surroundings as well as of the construction’s previous industrial features.

Tucked into the Cosentino section is Africa’s tallest building, the Leonardo Tower, designed by international team Co-Arc. This has become a fully-fledged symbol of the city and features nearly 25,000 m2 of Dekton® surfacing.

C 16 also features the arresting interior of Brazilian restaurant Pipo, located inside São Paulo’s Museum of Image and Sound. A transparent space, connected with nature, and created by architects Renata Castilho and Camila Buciani of RCB Arquitetura. Pipo can be found in the Interior section, which also unveils RCR Artotec’s Light Walls, a Bordeaux-based project transforming a former fish and food warehouse into a building for both public and private use.

The Style section has devoted its pages to the walkways designed by AMO for Prada. Its works are thought of as genuinely architectonic projects, where the highest degree of creative experimentation enters into a dialogue with the innovative Milanese fashion brand.

In the Interview section, architects Carme Pinós and Izaskun Chinchilla debate women’s role in history and architecture. And finally, C 16 travels to the Dutch city of Amsterdam, canal-hopping, and gathering 31 recommended places to keep in mind; and where also in the coming months, a new Cosentino City will startup.

Enjoy C 16 – Architecture & Everything Else!

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