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Cosentino showcased latest colors and designer collaboration at Dwell on Design 2016

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Cosentino revealed an impressive lineup of new color offerings at the Dwell on Design, in Los Angeles June 24-26.

  • Dekton Trilium: For the first time, Dekton by Cosentino has recycled materials from its manufacturing process to create an eco-friendly color. Trilium captures the visual texture and color variation of aged and oxidized stainless steel with hues ranging from deep grays and blacks to rusty undertones.
  • Dekton XGloss Naturals: Three sleek new colorways—Glacier, Fiord and Tundra—offer a modern take on some of the most sought-after marbles. The pronounced, yet simplified veining in the high-lacquer finish is an industry first, capturing the allure of natural stone but with the ultimate durability and performance that are truly unique to Dekton.  
  • Dekton Flooring: Showcased throughout the booth will be Dekton’s newest large-format tile sizes, which offer homeowners and designers a new material option for hard flooring with performance attributes that far exceed existing standards for traditional flooring materials, like porcelain tile. 

The Cosentino booth was designed in collaboration with architect and designer Daniel Germani, the principle of Daniel Germani Designs, showcased Dekton’s flexibility from a design and format perspective by utilizing the material in diverse applications that ranged from bespoke furniture pieces to flooring. “Curve,” a custom-made bar constructed from antique brass powder coated steel and Dekton XGloss Halo, as well as matching barstools, served as the booth’s centerpoint. Adding further interest to attendees, was the unique geometric flooring pattern designed using large-format tiles from Dekton’s tile offering. Germani used Dekton tiles from the Domoos, Keon and Blanc Concrete colorways, in 28″ x 28″ and 28″ x 56″ sizes, as well as custom sizes for the border, to create an intricate pattern that breaks up the visual uniformity of the booth layout.

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