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Cosentino Spain Fabricator Trip


For three days in early October, Cosentino North America customers and employees convened at the Cosentino factory in Macael, Spain, to tour the surface industry leader’s world famous factories.  The group consisted of 40 people including Cosentino North America employees and representatives from 13 key Cosentino customers ranging from the states of Washington to Massachusetts.  Though similar trips to Spain have been organized in the past, this was the largest group ever assembled from the United States.  The group was led by CEO Eduardo Cosentino and COO Brandon Calvo.

Although the group was excited to tour the Silestone and marble factories, the big draw and overwhelming “buzz” among the group members was all about the brand new Dekton factory.  Anticipation and excitement about a brand new surfacing category – Ultracompact Surface – had been building in the USA for months.  Already known as the innovative leader in the industry, all customers came to Spain in large part to see what Cosentino would do next!

None were disappointed – the Dekton factory was a major hit for all attendees.  All customers expressed amazement at the size and scale of the Dekton factory, the automation, the cleanliness, and the overall “futuristic” looking technology.  All were impressed by the Dekton product itself and were excited to incorporate Dekton in upcoming projects.

In addition to touring Cosentino’s many factories, the group also visited the region’s well-known and signature Blanco Macael marble quarry, and was treated to an intimate sit down conversation with Paco, Eduardo, and Pilar Cosentino. Nights were spent at Cosentino’s La Tejera Hotel restaurant where the group engaged in lively conversation and sampled many of Spain’s well-known dishes.

To cap off the event, the group traveled two hours southwest by bus to the city of Granada, Spain, to visit the world famous Alhambra fortress and castle.  Situated on a rocky hill on the banks of the River Daro, the castle was largely constructed during the 11th Century, and was used by various Islamic and Christian dynasties over the next few centuries as a palace or fortress.  The group spent the day touring the beautiful grounds and inspecting the ancient architecture and interior rooms.  At the end of the day, the group disbanded to various airports for flights heading in several different directions.

As a whole, the trip was a great success. Cosentino relationships with key customers were greatly strengthened, and dozens of  new ambassadors anxious to start specifying Dekton on residential and commercial projects were newly created.

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