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Daniel Germani Innovates Outdoor Living with Dekton and Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens

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Through the past few years, architect and designer Daniel Germani has partnered with Cosentino to bring to life several gorgeous works inspired by, and created with Dekton. As an evolution of that work, this year Daniel joined us, in collaboration with Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens, to create an innovative outdoor kitchen unit that marries the two brands. The ASA-D2, will debut at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show.

We sat down with Daniel to discuss the inspiration behind this piece ahead of its reveal at KBIS in a few days!



Despite the angular trend of many outdoor pieces, Daniel shared with us that he wanted to make this item feel as cozy as an interior piece. “I wanted to introduce a ‘furniture feel’ to a very utilitarian piece. ASA-D2 is an ‘outdoor kitchen’ that is flexible, light, modular, extremely durable and resilient to the elements, without leaving out the design aspect out of the equation.”

As Daniel created this design it was very important to him that it stayed true to the Dekton and Brown Jordan brands, while also creating something practical that could be easily fabricated: “One of the challenges was how to fabricate the drums on the ends (with the herb planters incorporated into the body) without making it unfeasible to reproduce past the prototype.” We see this in the drawing above where Daniel drew the curved lines and experimented with wood as an alternative. He ultimately decided that being consistent with the material across the entire side would work best.

While the surface of the ASA-D2 is Dekton, the sides are actually Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchen stainless steel cabinets that are powder-coated with a pattern or color that exactly matches the corresponding Dekton color. This matching effect was extremely important to Daniel to stay in line with Dekton and Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchen’s aesthetic, “Another [challenge] was to match to the tee the Dekton palette on the body of ASA-D2. This was key for the look and feel of the whole line,” Daniel said.

In creating these concepts, Daniel was able to experiment with the variety of color in Dekton, “The color selection for ASA-D2 was really fun. The oxidized quality of Trillium made it a perfect fit for an outdoor space with an industrial feel. Halo and Spectra bring the sharpness and sleekness of the white and black. Last but not least, Aura brings all the beauty of a Carrara marble to the outdoors.”

ASA-D2 will be available in the following finishes: Dekton Trillium, Aura, Spectra, and Halo.trilium

dekton 1

dekton 3dekton 4
When asked what made his design unique and who it will appeal to, Germani answered “Anybody who is tired of the same old barbeques. Someone who enjoys design, loves entertaining outdoors and has a blast grilling in a killer bbq while, maybe just maybe, drinking a dirty martini with 3 blue cheese olives.” Sign us up!

For inspiration on the many uses of Dekton as a universal surfacing material follow along on Twitter and Instagram with #DektonUnlimited.


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