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Dekton and Porsche Design

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Architizer recently featured on one of the most stunning Dekton architecture projects to date: the Porsche Design store in Oak Brook, Ill. Read below to see some of what they had to say about the design concept and the properties of Dekton as a facade:

“Utter the name Porsche and one instantly thinks sleek, sporty, modern, and luxurious — all phrases that sum up all of the products associated with the brand, whether automobiles, watches, or apparel. So, when Eric Styer of DXU Architecture conceptualized a fashion boutique for Porsche Design in an upscale retail development of Oak Brook, Ill., he wanted to create a facade that would both embody the client’s design philosophy and make it stand out from the adjacent storefronts.

“The design concept presented the corner storefront as a stone block with openings carved into it to create a solid/void dynamic across the facade,” describes Styer. “For this purpose, I sought a material that provided a homogenous look.” But the eye-catching facade material also had to perform to high standards. “The storefront is located at a high-traffic corner, and the climate in this region is highly varied from season to season.” His solution? Dekton® — an ultra-compact surfacing product by Cosentino.”

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