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Dekton at the Baku Heydar Aliyev Airport

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One of the most exciting advantages of Dekton as a surfacing product is its extremely large slab sizes. The architectural possibilities for covering large areas, whether as flooring or cladding, are almost endless. A great example of this new application can be found in the installation of Dekton as exterior flooring at the Baku Heydar Aliyev Airport in Azerbaijan.

For the project Dekton Sirius was used to create triangular-shaped tiles that were combined to create a beautiful designed pattern.  The property developer, MAPA, had this to say about choosing Dekton for the project:

“Mainly, it offers safety. Safety, because thousands of people pass through places like these every day. These places, given their high volume of foot traffic, must be able to rely on safe, resistant materials that do not suffer any wear and tear that could endanger the safety of pedestrians. It also offers peace of mind to architecture and design professionals, as having a product that encompasses all the technical and mechanical characteristics found in Dekton, enables them to offer their clients more functional, high-quality and long-lasting results.”

These advantages can be applied wherever large-format surfacing is needed, whether that’s a large scale architectural project, or simply your home patio!

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