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Dekton Kitchen Reveal by Daniel Germani

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Globally known designer and friend of Dekton, Daniel Germani recently wowed us with a Dekton kitchen reveal featuring Kelya and Strato. Daniel, who has now worked on multiple projects in kitchen design and furniture design with Dekton, continues to astonish by pushing the boundaries of design with these products.

His kitchen renovation opened up the space, modernized the finishes and added sleek functional areas with 55 linear feet of countertops. To create a cohesive look with the potentially overwhelming surface area, Daniel turned to Dekton’s oversized slabs. They turned out to be the perfect choice for this renovation, making the difficult, possible.

Take a moment to appreciate how Daniel took this kitchen:


And turned into this:


_MWP2083lites onchairs




Germani on Dekton Countertops:

“I would absolutely recommend Dekton as a kitchen countertop! Dekton’s durability, resistance to heat, scratches and stains, zero water absorption, color stability, and oversized slabs make for a unique product with unlimited uses and possibilities. With Dekton, the sky is the limit.”

Germani elaborated on the process of working with Dekton here, and we can’t wait to see how he uses it in future projects.

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