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Dekton Unveils 6 New Color Additions

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Unleash your creative side! Dekton is proud to introduce 6 exciting new color options, continuing to expand on our Tech, Wild, and Natural Collections and increase the design possibilities for our product.

Dekton’s Tech Collection is a landmark collection known for its groundbreaking look and industrial aesthetic. Blanc Concrete joins Keranium, Kadum, Strato and Keon in this collection.

The three new warm wood finishes added to Dekton’s Wild Collection are a perfect fit for country-style spaces.

Blanc Concrete – Tech Collection

Dekton®_Blanc Concrete Kitchen Countertop

The fifth addition to Dekton’s Tech Collection, Blanc White contributes an industrial slant by capturing the look and texture of a white concrete, without the risk or staining or damage.

Dekton’s Wild Collection is known for combining high tech performance with first-class creativity. Borea and Makai are also part of the Wild Collection.

Valterra – Wild Collection

interior kitchen view

The traditional warmth of maple hardwood captured in a durable material like Dekton makes it a perfect flooring option to beautifully withstand both heavy foot traffic, as well as everyday wear and tear in a countertop application.

Aldem – Wild Collection

Dekton®_Aldem_Countertop Outdoor

Taking inspiration from weathered oak, Aldem strikes the perfect balance of grey with a plain sawn pattern adding both warmth and dimension to the material.

Bento – Wild Collection

Beautiful Kitchen Countertop, Cabinets, and Island

The ultimate neutral from Dekton’s Wild collection, the subtle graining variation adds serious texture to transform a surface into a focal point.

Dekton’s Natural Collection is inspired by the best elements of nature. New Gada and Sarey join a range of other colors: Danae, Sirocco, Vegha, Irok, Edora, Aura, Kairos, Entzo and Keyla!

These new additions were inspired by limestone and have a delicate elegance about them.

Gada – Natural Collection

Dekton®_Gada_Kitchen Countertop

From its texture to its finish, Gada captures the elemental allure of Limestone that highlights the cream hue and warm threading throughout, without the upkeep required of the natural material.

Sarey – Natural Collection

Dekton®_Sarey_Kitchen Coutertop

Also designed to emulate Limestone, Sarey embraces juxtaposition through its range of soft, creamy tones that play off each other with dramatic veining and color variation 

For more information on Dekton’s newest colors, visit and  follow along on Twitter and Instagram with #DektonUnlimited.

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