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Dekton XGloss at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Madrid


Last week, the models showcasing Ailanto’s Fall/Winter collection strutted down a Dekton XGloss runway at the 2016 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Madrid. It’s not every day that Dekton is a part of the world of fashion and haute couture!

Dekton XGloss’ exquisite shine and dazzling brilliance was the perfect match for the subtle Ailanto collection. The runway was created from a mosaic of Halo, Splendor, Lumina, Blaze and Spectra.

“We chose Dekton for our catwalk because we wanted to show our collection on a material that offered spectacular performance and aesthetics,” Ailanto’s designer Aitor Muñoz said of the collaboration. “Our idea was to have a geometric pattern that was in line with our collection, and this was interpreted to perfection by Cosentino’s technical team. The image of the models walking down the catwalk was amazing. The impression was of a sophisticated and timeless elegance.”

Take a look at the final result of this visually mesmerizing project.







This collaboration has continued to strengthen Cosentino’s links to the world of fashion. We can’t wait to see how Dekton will impact the world of high fashion in the future. Follow along on Twitter with #DektonUnlimited.

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