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Design Team Drake/Anderson Features Dekton Radium in the AD Design Show “AD Apartment.”

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Now in its 17th year, the Architectural Digest Design Show has become a mainstay of New York City’s architecture and design scene, boasting more than 400 exhibitions from the world’s leading design brands and drawing more than 40,000 design enthusiasts over the four-day event.

This year, Cosentino has partnered with renowned with Jamie Drake and Caleb Anderson, the duo behind New York’s acclaimed design firm Drake/Anderson, who designed the AD Apartment on display at the show. Front and center in the kitchen is Dekton Radium, an innovative material from the acclaimed Dekton Industrial Collection that adds a bold, urban aesthetic that tastefully juxtaposes with the other elements in the space.

The waterfall island, countertops, and hood are all clad  in Radium, bringing a cohesive look to the AD Apartment’s stylish kitchen. The advantages of designing with Dekton surfacing, with varied thickness and durability, also helped Drake/Anderson make their contemporary vision come to life.

We recently sat down with Jamie and Caleb to discuss how  their use of Dekton helped bring their vision to life. for the space:

What was the overall inspiration for the kitchen in the AD apartment?

The composition of this contemporary loft emphasizes a unique take on cosmopolitan living through attainable and thoughtful design along with uniquely clever tips that any design enthusiast will appreciate.  A focus on both function and urbane glamour gives way to an apartment that is both elegant and fresh.

What smart / unexpected design ideas do you hope viewers take away from the space?

The apartment is full of great ideas and “clever” tips that range from creating a tech savvy gallery wall where digital frames are employed, unique ideas for wall art including a wall sculpture of mirrored glass bulbs, and creating moments that give a space a sense of architecture through decorative elements. I hope viewers feel inspired to create good design in their own homes and realize that with a creative mind and a good eye, chic is possible regardless of budget.

How does the aesthetic value of Dekton Radium play into the overall design of the space?

Dekton Radium is a wonderfully unique material.  As designers, we are always looking for new and innovative materials and Dekton certainly falls within that category.  It really provides a wow factor and plays wells into our aesthetic; it’s dramatic and evocative and has a powerful dialogue with the other materials in the space. In the AD apartment, the tones within the Radium colorway are beautifully contrasted against amethyst colored walls and white lacquered millwork.

How is Dekton used in the space?

The focal point of the kitchen is the dramatic and monolithic hood created out of Dekton Radium.  Flanking the hood is shelving of the same material displaying a collection of gorgeous ceramics. The countertops are also made from Dekton, including on the island where it tunefully waterfalls to the floor.

Beyond the color/finish of Radium, how  Dekton’s other attributes play into the design?

Dekton is an incredibly versatile, durable material that can be used in a range of unique applications. The product is available in a variety of thicknesses and sizes, which provides ample opportunity to use it creatively. As it relates to the AD apartment, we were able to use a thinner slab of Dekton to create our large hood, reducing the overall weight, and making it less of a feat of engineering.

After having worked with Dekton, is there a dream application  you can share?

I would love to clad the walls of a long hallway to create an alluring, moody experience and a backdrop full of decorative interest.

The Architectural Digest Design Show runs from March 22 – 25th, 2018 in New York City at 55th Street and 12th Avenue. The AD Apartment space featuring Drake/Anderson’s kitchen display complete with Dekton Radium will be on display for all attendees. For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit

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