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Fresh Ideas from Theresa Casey

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We love Trendspotter Theresa Casey’s personal and eclectic approach to design, and so we weren’t surprised to see her take an often-overlooked space and transform it into a show-stopper.

Take a look at Casey’s feature in The Star, where she brings us into her laundry room, built out with old family photos, vintage ephemera and nostalgic style.


“I believe in elevating the everyday,” says Casey. “It’s a bit of a Jungian idea of the stabilizing, grounding effect of completing common tasks, but I sometimes get my best ideas when I’m doing something entirely routine, like folding laundry.”

When it comes to the effort required in transforming the every day into the exquisite, Casey stands firm. “Sometimes people say to me, ‘why bother?’ And my answer to them, is, well, why wouldn’t you?”

We couldn’t agree more.

Read the full article here and for more from Casey and the Trendspotters, follow along on Twitter and Instagram using #SilestoneTrends.

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