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Introducing Albedo by Kerrie Kelly

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The Influencer Series is a collection of five stunning and distinct prototype hues that reflect regional design trends and inspiration from each of our Trendspotters. Below is insight from Kerrie Kelly on her contribution.


What were the key drivers/inspiration that brought you to your color?  The inspiration for my countertop design came from “Albedo”- a characteristic of the moon’s reflectivity. Leveraging this concept allowed me to play with movement via coloration, crater and cloud patterns, and contrast while creating a sustainable product, ideal for residential and commercial installations. The coloration influence came from a classic timelessness, realizing that gray’s popularity was moving toward richer tones of navy, blue and black. I believe navy blue will actually be the color of this decade.

Where are you seeing this color rising in popularity? A true classic, navy blue and white are always in vogue. Whether featured in fashion or the home, the color combination is both familiar and inviting in a variety of applications.

How would you envision your color in the home?  Albedo is ideal for kitchen, bathroom and laundry applications. Whether you want to create a timeless look or a dramatic centerpiece, the movement of the material is intriguing, yet classic in its coloration.

What colors would you suggest are complementary to your hue? I envision Albedo paired with navy blue lacquered cabinetry, brushed brass hardware, medium to dark hand stained woods and stainless steel. For a fresh and modern take, emerald green, sunshine yellow or tangerine tango provide the ideal color splash to the material. On the traditional front, Pantone’s 2015 color of the year, Marsala, would provide a very complementary hue while shades of white and gray would pair nicely for the transitional consumer.

What did you learn through this design collaboration? Through this collaboration, I learned that designing a countertop isn’t just picking colors and movement types. It is a journey of taking something from concept to completion with many hands assisting along the way. Fortunately, the talented team at Cosentino took my ideas and vision and translated them into something that can be enjoyed by many in a stylish and functional way.

Any other details you want to share? Having the opportunity to travel, work and create with the marketing and product development team at Cosentino has been a great privilege in my design career of 20-years. Not only were we able to trend spot and understand the design industry more deeply, we were able to cultivate relationships at the executive and employee level. While they are a large, worldwide business, they maintain the heart and soul of a family owned business and I can relate to that immensely. This experience only makes me want to do it again and again.

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