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Introducing Copper Mist by Julia Buckingham

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The Influencer Series is a collection of five stunning and distinct prototype hues that reflect regional design trends and inspiration from each of our Trendspotters. Below is insight from Julia Buckingham on her contribution.


What were the key drivers/inspiration that brought you to your color? I have a second home in Phoenix, AZ and the colors of this desert paradise are just incredibly inspiring. The mineral-rich shades found in the Camelback Mountains really served as the catalyst for Copper Mist.

Where are you seeing this color rising in popularity? Shades of copper have already shown up on the runways for spring/summer 2015 fashions, so I predict we will be seeing it in all its varieties in accents and patterns in the stores this coming spring season.  It will soon follow in a big way in the home furnishings market. Global Views featured copper at the fall 2014 High Point Market in a big way. They paired it with navy and camel, I believe. Copper is ALL the rage currently as it is a signature melding of shiny gold and silver. It also works amazingly well with wood and ceramic.

How would you envision your color in the home? It is really quite versatile and makes for a great accent in kitchens. I see Copper Mist easily being used in counter tops and backsplashes as well as for turning small bars and powder rooms into metallic jewel boxes. Copper is earthy, yet glam-regal and not snobby.

What colors would you suggest are complementary to your hue? Copper Mist can work well with a wide array of colors from pale grass green, vanilla, clay, blue, yellow and orange to a Marsala wine or a red-brown shade. It is also the perfect color scenario for making a nearly monochromatic look.

What did you learn through this design collaboration? I LOVE SPAIN! Its been incredible to have the opportunity to experience the rich cultural history of Spain and just how important it is to give thanks to a company that embraces its culture, its family and the modern world.  I have been lucky enough to plot, conjure, specify, and present resin colors for my chosen material and the next day, I was able to see it roll off the assembly line at the Cosentino Headquarters. It’s also been quite the education to witness just how complex and involved a process it is to create colors in quartz. It’s been rewarding to have the open dialogue and to collaborate with specialists to tweak the color and than to see the final result and it’s just what I envisioned, that’s priceless!

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