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Introducing Lusso by Courtney Cachet

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The Influencer Series is a collection of five stunning and distinct prototype hues that reflect regional design trends and inspiration from each of our Trendspotters. Below is insight from Courtney Cachet on her contribution.


What were the key drivers/inspiration that brought you to your color? My entire aesthetic is based on taking classic looks and adding details that make it current and a little more chic. While the look of marble has always been my favorite surface, adding a hint of metallic made it more glamorous. If we’re going to spend that much time in the kitchen, shouldn’t it be as fabulous as possible?

Where are you seeing this color rising in popularity? Marble is the hottest surface right now and it’s a look that will be here for a long time. Now that companies like Cosentino figured out how to make it fit into our lifestyles, I guarantee you’ll see it more and more. Residential and commercial designers love it because it’s functional, luxurious and timeless. Marble-like patterns are popping up in wallpaper, shelving, furniture and even paper goods.

How would you envision your color in the home? I envision this color to be an option in every room in the house — it’s that versatile — from bathrooms to kitchens to flooring and walls.

What colors would you suggest are complementary to your hue? Because it’s still a neutral, this color can be combined with anything really. I would highly recommend using it with brass hardware and pops of color to highlight it.

What did you learn through this design collaboration? Designing one color is a process that starts very organically and then incorporates an incredible amount of thought, right down to the name it will be called.

Any other details you want to share? I am always a fan of anything with a glamorous and luxurious feel. But as a mother of two young children, I am always thinking about our lifestyle and manageability. I am so excited that a busy family can now have the same glam look of marble with the innovations Cosentino has brought to the marketplace. To be a part of that has been a great honor.


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