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Introducing Nimbus by Mark Williams

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The Influencer Series is a collection of five stunning and distinct prototype hues that reflect regional design trends and inspiration from each of our Trendspotters. Below is insight from Mark Williams on his contribution.


What were the key drivers/inspiration that brought you to your color? Many of my clients have been asking for kitchens in a soft white/grey palette and showing me images with beautiful marble counter tops as their inspiration.  Marble is really far too soft to be practical in an active family kitchen or bath, and I had very few options to give them the look they wanted in a material that was durable enough for their lifestyle.  I knew I wanted to grey to be warm, not a cold battleship grey, and compliment the feeling of casual elegance my clients want.

Where are you seeing this color rising in popularity? Absolutely in the home category.  I could see crossover in to hospitality, but I definitely designed it with the home market in mind.

How would you envision your color in the home? In a kitchen or bath, I see this paired with painted white shaker style cabinetry, or for a more contemporary look I could see it used with cerused grain cut white oak flat slab doors. I think there’s a quiet elegance to the color, but not so much that it feels stuffy.

What colors would you suggest are complementary to your hue? A broad range of whites and greys would be the first go-to colors to use, but I think it’s neutral enough so that it will respond to its environment.  I think it leaves a lot of room for designers and homeowners to explore pairing it with their own favorite colors.

What did you learn through this design collaboration? I learned so much about the production process of Silestone and all of the technology that goes in to developing each of their products.  It was really fascinating to learn about all of the variables that come together to create a particular “look.” Silestone has such a broad range of styles in their product line because they’ve pioneered the manufacturing technology that allows tremendous diversification.

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