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John Colaneri – Building the Perfect Outdoor Entertaining Space

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Outdoor living has become even more popular in recent years, especially as homeowners seek to maximize the amount of time and range of activities they engage in outdoors. John Colaneri of The Cousins recently renovated his own outdoor space with a stunning Dekton kitchen island and façade wall. Read on for how he incorporated our surfacing with other top-of-the-line products such as a Coyote Outdoor Living grill and Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens cabinetry for the ultimate entertaining space.


What role does outdoor living play in your day-to-day life and how do you maximize your time spent in outdoor spaces?

“The line between the outside and inside has become blurred in the recent years of design/build projects. In my personal home I made sure that the outside felt like the inside with two 12’ bi-folding doors onto the bluestone patio. Now with building an outdoor kitchen that has all the amenities of my kitchen inside I can entertain with ease outside and hang out with all my guests.”

What 3 words would you use to describe your new outdoor space and why?

“Efficient, modern, and sustainable. When it comes to entertaining and being outside with family and guests you want the same comforts of being inside your home. If you are constantly running in and out you are not truly with everyone. My outdoor kitchen requires no upkeep, can withstand any type of weather that is thrown at it, and looks incredible!”


How does your hometown climate impact your choice in materials throughout your outdoor kitchen design?

“Since I live in the northeast we are hit with every type of weather possible. There is everything from blizzards to summers with 100-degree heat. I have to make sure that I have products that can sustain the freeze/thaw weather on a day-to-day basis. My new kitchen requires no maintenance on my part and I never have to worry about the ever-changing weather.”

Tell us about the multiple applications of Dekton in your outdoor space and how the product advantages made it ideal for each.

 When looking for a countertop I want a product that fits my aesthetic, but also requires low maintenance. Dekton is that product and so much more. To have a product that looks just like a natural stone and requires no maintenance is a dream when creating an outdoor kitchen. I never have to worry about damaging the product by cooking with high heat and I get the high-end design look to my kitchen.


What Dekton color/finish did you use and how did it impact the overall aesthetic of the outdoor kitchen?

My wife and I chose Entzo from the natural collection of Dekton because we wanted a product that looked just like Calcutta Gold. The exterior of our home has many different natural materials that encompass corrugated metal, ipe wood, and stone. We wanted to add a 4th material that looked just like a natural stone, but required no maintenance.

What is the value to homeowners in adding an outdoor space to their home?

Everyone knows the best way to add value to your home is in the kitchen. This is the place you spend most of your time as a family and what potential buyers always want to see first. By adding an outdoor kitchen you are doubling down on the equity you are putting in your home and giving an entire outdoor space that is self-efficient.

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