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Julia Buckingham's Copper Mist Kitchen

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Trendspotter Julia Buckingham brought her high-brow design aesthetic to Kohler Wisconsin and incorporated into the design for her Copper Mist concept kitchen. Read on to learn how lifestyle and design elements such as color and texture play together in her designs.

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1. How does your vignette design represent your local market and your personal aesthetic?

The blending and chemistry between the rich copper flecks amidst the warm and velvety brown and taupe mixture create an urban and chic haven. I love to blend unexpected pairings and here we can see just that vibe.

The green and turquoise velvety fabrics, the shimmery eco-friendly leather and the icy coolness of the Lucite-based breakfast room table all appear to be disparate upon first glance. It is this mix that creates my trademarked aesthetic Modernique- the harmony between modern and vintage antiques.

2. Your design is right on trend with the graphic tile and incorporation of rich green hues—is green making a comeback? What inspired you to incorporate green into your design?

Bringing the outdoors in is everywhere right now! Think Spring after a looooong winter in Chicago. Think an emerald gemstone nod within a sophisticated city kitchen with countertops that sing with bling.

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3. How do your choices of Kohler products and Benjamin Moore colors complement Copper Mist?

The transitional mixture of the faucet with the cast-iron sink in the textured Basalt color creates a harmonious curated disparity that creates conversation within the “heart of the home.”

Mixed metals will always be an important feature within my interior designs. Again, it is within this play on materials that we see the most interesting, delightful and unique spaces.

4. How do your choices of Kohler products and Benjamin Moore colors compliment Copper Mist?

Start small and end up BOLD.

5. Who do you imagine using this space?

A young couple, on the go at the beginnings of their careers, who work hard and play just as hard. They don’t take themselves too seriously and love to entertain. Their choice of “Copper Mist” on the countertops shows that they are not afraid to show some personality all the while shunning the responsibility of having to care for their materials within their kitchen after cooking and hosting their 30 favorite friends.

6. Kitchens are such task-oriented spaces; what are the tricks for creating a super functional kitchen?

Know your clients – how do they live each day? What are their needs? Create an inviting hub for functionality and the flavor of their lives.

7. For people interested in learning more about design and architectural styles, are there any influences that you specifically referenced in your design?

I create spaces that are unique and do not follow any design “rules.” I definitely make a nod to the particular architectural style of the home but it does not dictate the overall aesthetic. If anything, I like to surprise each guest upon their entering the home with something they may not expect from the outside of the house.

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