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Kerrie Kelly on Cosentino Designed

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Cosentino Designed! is publication from Cosentino’s national design sales team and this past month it featured an interview with designer, Kerrie Kelly, coming straight off her trip to Cosentino Headquarters with the Trendspotters.

Here’s what she had to say:

Why did you become a designer?
Inspired by my mom’s decorating talent and dad’s business savvy, my bedroom was my design “laboratory” as a child. Hanging palm tree wallpaper, installing electric blue carpet and fashioning window coverings, I was fortunate to have parents who encouraged my curiosity and allowed my design interests to grow—even if the aesthetic had absolutely nothing to do with the rest of our family home.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
My appetite for design is fueled by my love of modern culture, history, fashion, food, presentation and architecture. Layer on the comfort of our family, friends and new acquaintances and I am inspired.

What trends, colors, designers, etc. are you currently obsessed with? 
While our design team is constantly trending on and reporting what’s new and what’s next, we also like to take that information and translate it into something that is livable for our clientele. So even though we spot the latest and the greatest around the world—our expertise comes in to create a timeless, usable version of it for our residential and commercial projects. That part of interior design is what I am obsessed with!

How would you describe your style and how does it translate into interior designs for your clients?
Over the years, I have understood the value of purchasing and holding on to items that not only speak to me but are functional, too. This approach creates a mix of family heirlooms, pieces picked up while traveling and new fresh design essentials, too. Blending these elements, not only supports an active lifestyle, but is specific and authentic to our design aesthetic. As an extension, those who visit our Design Lab and personal home find comfort in our space, feeling free to grab themselves a drink and kick their feet up with us—to me, there is no bigger compliment than experiencing that interaction with people. We strive to create that same approachable, yet beautiful space for our clients as well.

Every home should be… a reflection of those who live there. The walls should tell the family’s history, the furnishings should support their daily activities and the space should be one they affectionately call “home”.

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