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Kerrie Kelly’s Albedo Concept Kitchen

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Our Trendspotters brought their Influencer Series colors to life in concept kitchens with the help of Kohler and Benjamin Moore and we couldn’t be more excited about the results. This kitchen reveal highlights Albedo by Kerrie Kelly in a space that blends high performance with high style.

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In the following interview, Kerrie gives us her thoughts on designing with color, mixing metals and stylish, livable design.

  1. How does your vignette design represent your local market, and your personal aesthetic?

Our design represents our California casual vibe. Albedo can act as a sophisticated backdrop, similar to the classic aesthetic of a navy blue blazer, or can be used as a durable surface for food prep and cooking, becoming more relaxed like our favorite pair of blue jeans.

The mixed metals in the vignette are a nod to our client’s versatile style, which is perfectly complemented by the Benjamin Moore palette we selected. With the mixture of metals on faucets, light fixtures, and hardware, or the color of the countertop and the paint, we wanted the overall design to reflect California’s easy-going yet fashion-forward aesthetic.

  1. Your style of design incorporates color regularly. In a time when neutrals are in vogue how do you work with bold color in a way that it stays timeless?

Our team approaches navy as a neutral in many cases. While Albedo has more movement than most typical neutral design elements, it has versatility in its applications. It can be used like artwork or as a backdrop for your favorite wall décor, shelves, and baubles. Albedo adds just the right amount of oomph while balancing the other elements in the kitchen.

Kelly_Counters 1 copy

  1. Why did you choose to mix metals in this space? How did you choose where to use each tone, and how do they all work together?

When working with our homeowners, we find that giving them permission to mix metals opens an entirely new avenue to design. Mixed metals offers a high-fashion yet unbuttoned vibe feel to the space.

We kept Albedo to the perimeter of our design to introduce a celebratory tone to the bar and extended seating area. The part of the kitchen where you would be prepping food and drinks for your guests was kept light and bright to highlight a chef’s personal preferences for a clean workspace.

All of the elements work together because Albedo functions as a visually textured neutral, synchronizing the mixed metals and subtle design details to create a room that stands out in an unexpectedly composed way.

  1. What is your favorite detail in the space?

We can’t help but to fall in love every time we catch sight of Kohler’s Artifacts Gentleman faucet against Benjamin Moore’s Van Deusen Blue. This high-shine, beautifully engineered design makes our heart flutter, especially seeing Albedo nestled near Kohler’s contemporary pieces and Benjamin Moore’s glamorous shades—it’s all of our favorite things together in one shot.

  1. Kitchens are such task-oriented spaces; what are the tricks for creating a super functional kitchen?

A super functional kitchen needs multiple counter heights, forgiving and durable surfaces and finishes, and long runs of countertop to allow more people to be involved in food prep, organization, and the myriad of functions kitchens require. Silestone’s Albedo, Benjamin Moore’s paints, and Kohler’s finishes all speak to the kitchen’s need for high fashion and high-function surfaces and finishes.

  1. What color trends would you forecast for kitchen spaces?

We draw our inspirations for upcoming trends from our travels. Two years ago we were on a trip in Milan and were floored by the stunning high contrast elements we saw throughout the city, like the mixture of black and white and matte and gloss. When designing this space, I took that European inspiration into consideration. Navy is a pit stop on the US’s journey to bright contrast and similar European-inspired styles, as featured in this kitchen scene.

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Kelly_Overall 1 copy

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