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Keys to choosing the perfect kitchen tap

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Although they may seem mere accessories, kitchen taps are the main feature of any sink area. So, to ensure they meet the minimum criteria with regard to aesthetics, water saving, durability and usability, you should give careful consideration before choosing yours.

The continual evolution in the sector, together with growing environmental concerns, have led to a genuine revolution in kitchen tap design. This has brought a whole host of new ideas, the most notable of which include monobloc models, taps with pull-out faucets, and retractable designs. Together, they offer a diverse set of solutions that allows you to choose the most suitable design according to your individual needs.

If you’re thinking about refurbishing your kitchen or replacing your old taps, make sure you read our advice on how to choose your ideal design:

1- Kitchen taps recessed into the worktop vs. wall-mounted installations:

modern kitchen sink

The first of these may be more sought after, but on-the-wall models are now being seen as a great option. They come in highly attractive, modern designs and allow you to free up space on your countertop. And since dirt doesn’t collect in their joints, they’re also more hygienic.

2- Tall faucet vs. low faucet

modern kitchen sink

If you’ve opted for a model of kitchen tap that’s recessed into the worktop, you should choose a design with a high faucet, as it will allow you to fill large-sized pots and pans more comfortably. You should also check how far the tap can swivel. If you’re going to install it on the worktop and against the wall, then you won’t need it to turn more than 180º, which is what most kitchen taps can turn. But if you’re going to install it on a workbench or an island, then kitchen taps that can turn 360º will be very practical.

3- Pull-out faucets vs. monoblocs:

modern kitchen sink

Kitchen taps with pull-out faucets are an ideal option, thanks to their extendible hoses, which can reach up to two metres. They’ll allow you to take water to any corner of the kitchen comfortably and efficiently.

In comparison, monobloc systems allow you to control the tap, the flow of water and the temperature in a quick and simple way with just one hand. What’s more, you’ll also be able to choose from some state-of-the-art models that come equipped with tactile buttons and digital controls for turning the taps on or off. These designs provide the ideal solution for when your hands are full holding pots or handling items of food.

4- Semi-professional kitchen taps

modern kitchen sink

Although this type of tap was originally used in restaurants and professional workspaces, it’s now a great choice for large-sized kitchens, kitchens with islands, industrial- and modern-style kitchens, etc. They feature pull-out faucets and can turn 360 degrees.

5- Fitting kitchen taps in front of low windows:

modern kitchen sink

If your sink sits in front of a window that you have trouble opening because your kitchen tap is in the way, then you can always fit a folding tap, which will bend forwards or to one of the sides. Alternatively, you can fit a tap with a retractable faucet, which will insert easily into the countertop when not in use. You’ll then be able to open the window without difficulty.

6- Stainless steel vs. gold and copper finishes:

modern kitchen sink

While stainless steel kitchen tap models remain most popular, the latest trends are strongly pushing contemporary designs featuring gold or copper finishes. These are the best alternatives for kitchens with a Nordic, modern or natural style.

7- Retro-style kitchen taps vs. sleek designs

modern kitchen sink

Picking one option over another is really more a matter of taste than of necessity. Whatever your style of kitchen, you’ll have a variety of models to choose from: sleek, straight-lined designs; organic designs featuring curved forms; and designs with a notably retro style, ideal for traditional, rustic or classic spaces. In any event, you’ll find perfectly equipped taps with the most complete and innovative features.

8- New functions and features:

If you’re looking for perfect functionality, don’t miss the kitchen taps that offer the option of instant boiling water.

Whatever your preference, you should bear in mind the water and energy savings that can achieved by installing water-reduction devices.


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