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Nar Bustamante’s Dekton Fireplace Wall Design

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Nar Bustamante has long been a fan and friend of Dekton. After a visit to Cosentino Headquarters in Almeria, Spain he’s found a variety of inventive ways to utilize our product in his innovative and forward thinking designs.

If you don’t know about Nar, who is the President and Principal Designer of Nar Fine Carpentry Inc, you should. His designs are for the bold, and he’s consistently finding ways to push the boundaries of design as art from his home base near Sacramento, CA.

When Nar was approached by a client to redesign their kitchen he reached for Dekton, and found a way to work in a fireplace.

  1. Tell us a bit about the origin of this project.

It originated as a kitchen/living/dining room client. Usually when you’re in rural settings you tend toward country style, but I quickly learned that this client was modern in taste. They wanted some help translating that style into their house which wasn’t inherently modern.

They they had this really horrific fireplace/mantle situation which didn’t fit with what we’re doing and so we decided that it made sense to renovate that section of the home as well.

  1. How did you decide on Dekton for the project?

I wanted something that went with the walls and would stand out but wasn’t intrusive. So I used the Dekton Ariane and they loved it. I wanted people walking through the home to almost not notice it at first, but then once they did to say “WOAH this is really cool.” Having the texture of the Dekton and the walls play against the glossy finishes in the kitchen helped to make it feel really natural. We also included lime green in the seams between the slabs, which added an interesting visual element.

  1. Beyond color what were some other advantages of using Dekton for the project?

There are quite a few. One thing about the product that I love is that it’s a really strong material and being able able to rely on that gives you a ton of security. Knowing that if someone stands on that hearth it’s not going to snap because the floating piece doable and secure. It’s just one one more layer of security.

  1. What are you seeing that’s trending in fireplace design these days?

I would say that if I look at the last 10 fireplaces I’ve done I’m starting to do away with mantles and hearths. And if we do them at all we’re doing them minimally like you see in this project.

Overall people want to do something more artistic in that space. My company is known to be more artistic in general. If they have the guts to walk through my door I know that they have the guts to try something more interesting and that’s exciting.

  1. Are there other things you’d like to try with Dekton in the future?

One of the concepts that I’ve thought through is to bring the continuous design idea to bear with Dekton. I’d like to create a space where the product is used on multiple surfaces throughout, especially in terms of indoor/outdoor possibilities.

For more from Nar Bustamante you can follow him on Twitter or Instagram. To see more on fireplaces from Dekton follow along with #DektonHearth.

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