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Nar Fine Carpentry’s Dekton Sail Lounge

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When Nar Fine Carpentry, Inc. was awarded the opportunity to design and build this spectacular Dekton Sail Lounge, the design team consisting of Nar Bustamante, Principle Designer, Ashlee Richardson, Lead Designer, and Alia Richards, Interior Designer–delivered this project with a monumental concept of a land ship with a mast evoking the feeling of deep sea sailing.


What was the vision of the client for this outdoor living space and how did you interpret that to achieve this design? 

The clients are a young and vibrant couple with growing children and a love for life and adventure. The clients commissioned us for several projects with the goal of turning their home and acreage into an estate where every detail of their residence and land reflect who they are with the use of industrial and raw materials that reflect the natural landscape. Traditional design doesn’t fit their personality, so we created a design that exudes vitality with its industrial eclectic mix of raw materials. Our love of Dekton surfaces gave us the capability to demonstrate Dekton’s outdoor characteristics and function in this elegant eclectic setting. We also included transitional teak furniture, metals and concrete to celebrate the chic industrial presence of the Trillium table and Aura fireplace.

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Which aspect of this space was the most challenging to design?

When Nar Bustamante, principle designer of Nar Fine Carpentry, Inc., introduced the concept of a diagonal ridge beam elevated and projecting out on the leading edge of the structure, the design and build team knew they had a major challenge ahead of them. With difficult angles and custom steel connections, the structure had to be fabricated in stages for nothing was standard or generic. In careful celebration of the structural beam layout we equally centered the massive rafters making the focal point the book matched Dekton Aura fireplace. Part of the challenge in design was creating a visually rich environment using raw materials such as concrete, wood, steel, and Dekton. The use of concrete was essential for creating multipurpose benches/retaining walls across the back and sides of the structure which envelope the domineering Aura fireplace with a gentle curved centralized hearth.

How do you consider seasonality and climate when choosing finishes and planning the design for an outdoor space?

To celebrate the seasons and climate is to celebrate life! When we create a place where living takes place, we have to look at the natural elements of the landscape–sun, wind, fire, rain, hot and cold. The beauty of raw materials and Dekton surfaces allows us to join nature in its eclectic delivery of the seasons. The selection of natural materials will hold up to the test of time and patina into the natural environment in which they reside. With the use of 1/2″ plate steel, large re-sawn timbers, Dekton surfaces, and raw concrete, all with characteristics of longevity and simple elegance, the structure will patina into its natural setting.


The lighting in this space is particularly intriguing, how did you decide how to light this space?

With the selection of warm Kelvin temperature lighting and a warm environment that reflects the feelings that are invoked with a gorgeous sunset to celebrate the structure and the natural environment around it. Two lights are strategically placed to highlight the book matched Dekton Aura fireplace. All of the lighting is dimmable to give the client control of the mood desired.  The fan acts like a central pendant and was selected as much for style as for function.


How do you make the outdoor space feel as comfortable as an indoor space?

Making an outdoor space as comfortable as an indoor space can be challenging.   With indoor spaces, comfort is derived partially from feeling safe and protected by walls and a roof. Our vision was for an open space. The 4 posts and support beams are intentionally large and significant which gives one the feeling of comfort.   The open Dekton fireplace invites all to snuggle close on chilly evenings.  We placed the furniture much like an indoor great room, with a lounge area surrounding the one-a-kind custom Dekton coffee table designed by Nar Bustamante.  The oversized lounge seating entices family and friends to relax and put their feet up, and the dining chairs are a pliable mesh material – comfy enough for long leisurely meals or playing a game of cards around a custom Dekton Trilium dining table with a raw steel base.  All these individual design concepts create a wholesome, comfortable, and inviting space.


How does the process of designing an outdoor space differ from an indoor space? Besides weather, what are other considerations you must keep in mind?

Important factors in designing an outdoor space are not only limited to the natural elements of weather, we must use items that have ease of cleaning and durability. All of the materials selected for the space have the ability to simply be hosed off, while maintaining their natural beauty with consistent exposure to the elements.  The California lifestyle motto is to always live amongst the great outdoors. With mild California weather the outdoor living movement is about extending the square footage of your living space for enjoyment with friends and family year around.


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