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Paloma Contreras Chooses Dekton for Master Bath Renovation

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Interior designer and founder of La Dolce Vita, Paloma Contreras recently worked with Dekton to turn her dream master bath into a reality. She was extremely excited to incorporate Dekton Aura into the space, as she deemed it the first marble alternative that holds a candle to the original!

“I wanted the bathroom to feel classic, clean, and pretty, so I opted for timeless materials that would look great without costing a fortune,” Paloma explained in her blog post that documents the renovation.



Paloma’s bathroom, during the renovation

“I was super excited to try out Dekton by Cosentino’s gorgeous new Aura product after seeing it in the company’s ads with tennis player, Rafa Nadal. I frequently use Carrara and Calcatta Gold marble in clients’ kitchens and baths. Until now, I had not found a marble alternative that I felt could hold a candle to the original. Aura definitely changed my mind! I would say the Aura colorway is more similar to Calcatta Gold marble and the Kairos colorway is closer to Carrara. The veining is absolutely beautiful!”

PC_Aura Slabe

Bookmatched Aura slabs at the Cosentino Design Center

It is a very cutting edge, ultra-compact surface with high UV-resistance, resistance to fire and heat, ice and cold.” Paloma said of Dekton. “I would give it a ringing endorsement because it is so beautiful and it is a dream to live with. I don’t have to worry about stains or etching like I would with marble and it is super easy to clean.”



Dekton Aura installed in Paloma’s master bath renovation


A close up look at Dekton Aura’s veining

Make sure to check out Paloma’s complete blog post for more information on her master bath (and kitchen!) renovation and follow us on Twitter at @DektonNA for industry trends and insights.

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