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Pop Kitchen: Graphic Inspired Decor For Your Home

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As a special treat for our Silestone Trends blog, we’ve partnered with Erin Vaughan from for the following guest post. Erin provides inspiration for a graphic-forward kitchen, inspired by Etchings, the latest colors in our Influencer Series.

While there’s more freedom than ever to design to your own taste in today’s homes, kitchens in particular have been slow to shake off old-fashioned decor in favor of trendier wares. Thankfully, we’re starting to see the woeful oak cabinets and plain Jane counters of yore being swapped out for playful, eclectic surfaces that express homeowners’ unique point of view with precision and whimsy.

Enter quartz countertops. I was so inspired by Silestone’s Influencer series, particularly the Ink option, I thought it might make the perfect starting point for a pop art-inspired kitchen. This series evokes the loose waves of an idyllic doodle, bringing a point of interest to an otherwise staid surface, and making it a natural candidate for the crisp lines and bold stylings of graphic decor.

In a graphic kitchen, interest comes from the play of opposite forms—natural shapes mingling with controlled, repeating patterns. This dialogue means clean lines are imperative; too many decorative elements and trims can definitely overwhelm the eye. Meanwhile, black, white, or gray walls, floors, and cabinets are necessary to draw in the negative space your design needs to pop, maximizing the hand-drawn effect. Those are the basics, but within those parameters there are about as many different designs as there are kitchens. Here are a few specific ideas to bring the boldness of pop art right to your kitchen table.


Via Design Milk

Geometric patterns for color that pops: Quartz countertops make the perfect companion to bold, symmetrical patterning—they already include a geometric element, but a fluid, organic one that introduces an interesting and sophisticated counterpoint to tight, regular patterns. I’ve been particularly drawn to equilateral triangles lately—it’s a shape that offers a conversation between square countertops and tables, and which would balance perfectly against the loose waves of the Etchings series. And when they’re introduced in bright, unrelenting colors, they can really make for a bold statement, especially as a backsplash or inset.


Via Marie Claire Maison

Mixing monochromatics: On the other hand, a variety of black and white linear patterns mixed in a room can create exciting textural possibilities. The size of each pattern really counts here; too many tight, repeating elements can make your space seem busy and discordant, especially in a smaller kitchen.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 9.03.25 AM

Via Silestone

Screenprinted surfaces: While white walls and surfaces mimic the negative space of an illustration fresh off the presses, they can also be the perfect canvas to capture a pop art masterpiece. For a DIY solution, screenprinted art paper can be applied to plain cabinets or walls using waterproof PVA and then topped off with a layer of protective varnish.


Via Silestone

Bold accent colors with clean lines: A single, electric streak of color cutting across a gray or white palette adds a very mod twist to a kitchen with contemporary lines. Cabinets and floating shelves painted in vibrant hues like electric pink, lime green, or azure work perfectly for this purpose, turning your cookery into a virtual icon while capturing a classic retro feel. For a truly vintage nod, I also like the idea of mixing blonde “Norwegian wood” with cabinet doors painted in a 60s-inspired palette—pastel pink, olive green, and goldenrod will basically transform your kitchen into a set piece from Mad Men.


Via Laughing Squid

Brand loyal lighting: A hip industrial take on a Warholian classic, these recycled fixtures from Willem Heefer lend your space a playful spirit while paying homage to a pop art legend. I can definitely see these hanging over a long, graceful island with retro bar seating, or clustering over a vintage chrome dinette set.


Via The New Black Magazine

Illustrated indie gallery wall: For literal graphics, a self-curated gallery of interesting illustrations can be a smart way to go, especially when placed in minimal black frames that mimic comic book panels. Free vintage printables, as well as freebies from modern illustrators, are available at sites like Little Gold Pixel and Vintage Printables for those looking for some inspiration.


Via Silestone

Texture as pattern: For homeowners who prefer a subtler design, a highly textured backsplash or wall panel can integrate some of the interest of patterns without being too in-your-face. Split face travertine backgrounds are definitely trending in kitchens all over the country right now, but I also like more unexpected, feminine textures, like 3D textured panels in loose, sensual waves.

The Indian Subcontinent (1)[1]

Via Silestone

Disintegrating abstracts with industrial fixtures: Patterns that repeat with irregularity or disintegrate into blank space provide an absolutely unexpected take on classic decor—I particularly like how the flooring in this kitchen recalls a vintage diner without being too literal. Hard, industrial pieces like the geometric pendant lights and two-toned stools add a modern edge to this space as well—it would make an amazing perch for relaxing with a hand-pulled espresso.

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