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Professional Food Stylist Designs a Dekton Outdoor Kitchen

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Journalist, photographer and food stylist Marta Muñoz-Calero recently designed her dream outdoor kitchen with Dekton Kelya. Ever since she was young, her mother taught her to love the combination of cooking and aesthetics. This outlook on life gave her the fantasy to create a place where she could cook in an outdoor space.

Marta’s passion for cooking, eating, writing and photography are all a part of her daily life as a food stylist. She works with details such as color, texture and light to tell a story through each of her photos. “The dish has to be tasted by the eyes,” Marta explains.

When Marta began designing her outdoor kitchen, she had two main priorities. First and foremost, she needed a table where she could prepare ingredients. It was essential to have a surface that could withstand the outdoor elements, as well as heat and scratches. Secondly, Marta wanted to create a space where she could enjoy life with her friends and family.

The combination of Dekton Kelya’s outstanding properties and its striking beauty made it a perfect choice for her space.

Take a look at Marta’s outdoor kitchen oasis and how she uses it!


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