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Silestone Trendspotters Set Sail for Spain

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The itinerary is set, the bags are packed and the planes have departed. It’s finally time for the Silestone Trendspotters to cross the pond for a weeklong adventure in Spain. The trip will not only stimulate their creative senses with the culture and vitality inherent of Spain, but will also tap their insights for the next phase of their creative process: A sneak peak at the Silestone color series they are developing with Cosentino’s product design team.

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First stop: Barcelona. A city known for its rich history, inimitable architecture, renowned museums, beaches and parks; the Trendspotters will spend two days exploring their way through town, reporting their design inspiration and trends along the way.

After the brief cultural immersion, the Trendspotters are off to work – three days at Cosentino’s global headquarters in Almeria, Spain. There, they’ll join the Silestone product development team to preview the new color series in development and provide their feedback and insight.

Of course, Cosentino will also making time for a little more fun, with brief excursion to the famous sea side city of Mojacar for additional trend spotting and exploring along the Mediterranean before heading back home.

Stay tuned here to see what the Trendspotters discover. And follow their adventures on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook using the hashtag #Silestonetrends!

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