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Spain and Santa Fe Through Steffany Hollingsworth's Eyes

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Spain is a melting pot of history, art, and culture – and that’s why Steffany Hollingsworth felt right at home on the 2015 Trendspotter trip.

As a Santa Fe designer, she’s accustomed to the unique characteristics that define the region’s tone. Native American culture and folk art merge to create a truly unique aesthetic.


A door depicting typical art in Santa Fe, New Mexico

In Spain, Steffany found the bold use of materials and Gaudi’s influence particularly inspiring. Her photos display a unique side of Spanish design.





While in Spain, Steffany worked with the 5 other 2015 Trendspotters at Cosentino’s headquarters. The group worked effortlessly to create an original color series that incorporated each designer’s style while still emulating the product’s Spanish roots.

Working with a large group of designers has the potential to be tedious, but the Trendspotter’s collaboration was defined by openness, authenticity, and a shared vision. The simultaneous mix of possibility and limitation challenged each of them to think outside the box and create something truly unique.

Authenticity is risky, but Steffany would be the first to say it was well worth it.

“We learn something about ourselves and about one another when we fully show up and subject ourselves to risks in the design process.”

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